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My other life…

A frollower (thats; friend-follower) contacted me the other week concerned I’d abandoned my blog. In the back of my mind, the daily narrative of ‘must blog today’ played on repeat. The truth is, while I am fortunate to have secured a career that fulfils my passion of writing, I am the type of person that also needs to disconnect.

When I need to disconnect there is only one place I head – and that’s into the wild. Whether its hiking, climbing, paddling or simply forest bathing, to disconnect from the career that has become my life … I embrace my ‘other life’.

Earlier this year I climbed Mt Kosciusko. I didn’t start the climb from the chairlift, I started from the bottom. With a severe weather warning in place, the climb was not only strenuous, it was terrifying in parts. Best climb of my life.
I’ve trekked so many parts of the beautiful Blue Mountains. I couldn’t count how many klms.


Forest Bathing


The MEGA Issue!



We are closing the year of 2015 with a MEGA Issue!

That’s right! We’re putting the best of the best over 22 issues in ONE BIG ISSUE!

If you have been putting off Advertising in I AM, now is the time to secure your space as we launch THE magazine to top all others.

Reaching an extensive audience through WordPress, Issuu, Facebook and Instagram, don’t you think it’s time you jumped on the I AM wagon and said hello to your fans?

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Being healthy is too hard … pass the Tim Tams please…

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want to be more healthy but it’s just too hard to fit it all in.”

Life is busy!

I mean super busy!

We work, raise a family and stress daily as to whether we are doing it all right. Days are filled with endless to-do lists that end in question marks asking “is this good for me?”. And then, the constant questioning just makes it all too hard. The truth is, starting a new, healthier lifestyle would be fantastic! – but I don’t know where to begin and even if I did begin, could I really fit it all in – I’m exhausted!

Well here is a simple answer for you…

Book your ticket to the Cronulla Food and Fitness Fun Day on Saturday October 24.

FACEBOOK IMAGE FIT FOOD FUN DAY (2)Event organiser’s, Michelle King and Lorraine Barwick, are not only impressively qualified in Physiology and Health, they are hands on in raising a family and juggling life’s daily tasks. Together the women will bring easy solutions for improving the food and fitness in your life. From beginners to advanced, this event is a must-attend for those passionate about improving their personal and family lifestyle.

There has never been a simpler way to get all the answers you need in making the next positive step towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Event Details:
Fit Food Fun Day
Saturday 24 October 2015
Choose your session:
Morning: 10am – 12pm (doors open 9.30am)
Afternoon: 2pm – 4pm (doors open 1.30pm)
Where: Cronulla Central – Full Meeting Room, 38-60 Croydon Street, Cronulla
Cost: $55 General Admission – Adult

Get the full program and purchase your tickets at fitfoodfun.com.au

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Keep calm…we had a baby!

As you may have noticed, we have been a little quiet of late. It turns out, looking after a newborn is one extremely time consuming task – you think I would have known this being that baby Jaxson is baby #3.

Somehow though, it completely slipped my mind. We do however plan to be back with regular Health, Fitness and Lifestyle posts very soon. I AM Magazine ISSUE 22 is right on schedule for release in October 2015. If you have an interesting or inspirational story to share with our readers, please drop us a line over at the email address listed below.

Email iammagazine@live.com.au

Meet the newest I AM team member, Jaxson Houston.


See you soon,
Samantha Jane
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Kids across Australia have stopped asking mum what’s for dinner as the latest nutrition education from Nestlé’s Healthy Active Kids helps them to know what should go on their plate.

The Healthy Active Kids (www.healthyactivekids.com.au) program is a partnership between Nestlé and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). Established in 1999, the program aims to raise awareness of nutrition, health and wellness and promote physical activity among primary school age children.

Nutritionist and health educator from the University of Sydney, Professor Jennifer O’Dea independently reviewed the effectiveness of the Healthy Active Kids program, as well as undertaking ongoing professional development with teachers.

“Kids love talking about food. I’ve never met a child who didn’t like to talk about what they eat, and this review shows that kids are really eager to learn about food and nutrition,” she says.

Professor O’Dea’s review found that of the students who participated in the program, up to 90 per cent reported having changed their eating habits because of what they learned in class, and more than 75 per cent of students tried to eat foods from the five food groups each day.

“It’s really exciting to see the lessons they’re learning in the classroom are being taken home. For example, kids are telling their parents what they’d like to see on their plates, and even teaching them how to read food labels.”

According to Professor O’Dea, over 50 per cent of the children shared dietary information with their families; and this link between school and home is at the crux of a good health education program.

“The connection between school and home is even stronger because this program is available online – it’s very accessible to the teachers, parents and the children in class. Parents are being encouraged to use recipes from the program, pick produce from the school veggie garden, or pick up analysis of their own diet; that way the parents are learning as well.”

Based on State and Territory curriculums for Health and Physical Education, Healthy Active Kids is an interactive teaching resource that builds on a 16 year partnership between the AIS and Nestlé. It includes more than 80 lesson plans, videos, worksheets, handouts and online games and quizzes.

About 360,000 Australian children participated in the Nestlé Healthy Active Kids online program last year.

“With access to the right information, it’s great to see children making their own decisions about health and nutrition. Whether it’s learning to drink more water or incorporating the five foods into their diet – it’s laying the foundation for a healthier next generation,” Professor O’Dea says.

She says parents should ask their child’s teacher if the school is participating in the Healthy Active Kids program.

Healthy Active Kids2A


Healthy eating gives kids the energy they need for their busy days. Here are some great ways to make it easier.
1. Breakfast is important: It can be up to 12 hours since their last meal, so kids need to refuel for the day ahead. Give them healthy choices like cereal and reduced sat milk, toast, fresh fruit, eggs on toast, juice and reduced fat yoghurt.
Water works: Get kids into the habit of drinking water to keep them hydrated throughout the day.
2. Snack smart: Encourage your kids to take an interest in their health early in life by planning their own healthy snacks – this will help them look for a healthy diet when they get older.
3. Get cooking: Food is not just about good nutrition; it’s one of life’s great pleasures. Transform your kids into young cooks – even young children can help peel carrots, pod peas, great cheese, put together tacos or design their own healthy pizza toping. If they’ve helped make it, they’ll be more likely to enjoy eating it.
4. Slow and steady: Encourage them to eat slowly. This prevents overeating and helps them recognize when they’re full.
5. Eat at the table: Eating snacks and meals sitting down at the table or kitchen bench instead of in front of the TV is good habit for the whole family.
6. Get a balance: Variety and balance are the key to helping a child enjoy a healthy diet. Aim to eat a variety of foods each day (this depends on the age of the child) including fruit, vegetables, breads and cereals, lean meat or fish and reduced fat dairy products.
7.Tasty exploration: Encourage kids to try different food. Exposure to lots of different tastes and flavours adds excitement to meals.

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1. Whether it’s playing with friends or family, or taking part on sports and other physical activities, being active is good for everyone.
2. Handy action toys: Keep a football, basketball or tennis ball handy to grab on your way outdoors for an easy 20 minutes of fun.
3. Have fun: Sounds simple but the basic rule is that sport and activity should be enjoyable.
4. Enjoy variety: Encourage kids to try a range of sports and activities to develop a range of skills and find one or two that they really like.
5. Take the lead: Kids take their cues from their parents – so make activity a regular part of your family routine.
6. Join a local club: It’s a great way to kids to get fit, have fun and meet new friends. Who knows, you could have a future top athlete on your hands.
7. Try something new: Develop a new family activity such as indoor rock climbing, bike riding, skiing or sailing.
8. Leave the car behind: Leave the car behind and introduce kids to the way we all once got around – walking or riding bikes with them.
9. Find a balance: Help kids find their own balance of friends, physical activities, indoor play and homework with unstructured play such as daydreaming, creating, thinking and reading.

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Looking for a local convenient way to get your kids active these School Holidays?

Elite Fit Kids Cronulla Holiday program is on again.

Contact the staff via this link for more details …


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50% of February has gone…have you given up on those 2015 NYE goals already? … what were they again???



Remember, the key to reaching your goals is identifying the action steps you need to take and then committing to those steps one day at a time.

Don’t try to jump from the bottom of the staircase to the top [or vica versa] because chances are you won’t end up where you want to be.


Keep Being. Keep Dreaming. Keep Trying. ‪#‎nevergiveup‬

Need help identifying your goals or creating a plan? Ask these local Sutherland Shire businesses for help…

Become all you can be: Life Plus Coaching – Taren Point – http://lifepluscoaching.com.au/

Mood – Motivation – Mindfulness: NuActive Health – Miranda – http://www.nuactivehealth.com.au/contactus.htm

Weight – sugar – smoking – stress: Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic – Caringbah – http://www.shirehypnotherapy.com/

Here’s an idea…and it’s not rocket science.

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About 12 months ago I created the Passion Program.

The reason I decided to put this little project together was because of my own situation and the situation many of my friends were faced with. I am a single mum and a lot of my friends are also. As most single mums know, the Australian Government brought in a policy a few years ago that would see single mums forced back into the work force once their child turned 6. Now, regardless of what you might read in the media, or hear from the mouths of people who have no idea what it is like to be a single mum and the circumstances that caused their single mum predicament, the majority of single mums want nothing more than a good paying job and to ‘get off’ Government benefits.

The problem faced by single mums seeking jobs is simple, there is no current industry supporting single mum employment, and if there is, the industry only covers about 2% of the single mum population seeking work. That means, a good supply of jobs that allow for school hours and the occasional sick child is simply not available. Some people may mock me for saying this, but I know from experience, [some] employers don’t see a single mum as a ‘reliable’ and profitable employee.

Truth is, we [single mums] are highly skilled in many areas. Multi tasking is something we do on a daily basis, as is working under a great deal of stress and pressure. We have an exceptional talent for budgets and making every dollar count. We know how to organise, supervise, manage and delegate, and we know how to get 2-3 different people to different places all at the same time. Frankly if you want a job done ask a mum, any mum, to do it. I guarantee it will get done. We rarely procrastinate about tasks that are required of us, because we don’t have the luxury of time…But, when it comes to what we like to do for ourselves, that’s a different story.

Enter the Passion Program.

The Passion Program is simply a series of questions that encourages the participant to consider and identify the areas they excel in. The reason different people excel in different areas is due to how it connects to them. If a task connects to the persons heart and head, you have one very happy and productive employee or business owner, however, if the task is a requirement that has no authentic heart or head connection to the person, you have an unhappy chappy working for a living that benefits no one. These types of situations are short term and unfortunately, when the Government brought in the new policy of pushing women into jobs that would evidently cut their Government benefits, no consideration was given as to whether the woman would enjoy her position. The only thing this creates is a group of women going into short term employment, which gives a short term solution to the problem.

Now, if we took the time to work out what it was women actually enjoyed doing and then assisted them down that path, we may actually have a solution that is more long term. Women are an extremely powerful group. Give us a job that talks to our heart and head and we’ll give you an unstoppable and limitless capacity for success.

So here’s a question I ask the women who participate in the Passion Program.

‘If you won lotto tomorrow and never had to worry about money or finances again, what would you do to pass your time? We all need purpose in our lives. What activity, hobby or interest would you occupy your time with?’

Please comment below and share your answers with your friends. SJ X