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“She apparently works from home”…


So, you say you want a ‘work from home’ job?

If you ask 3 out of 4 members of my household, they will tell you I either don’t work or they are not sure what I do for work. The confusion generally stems from the fact that I am a full time mum, maid and chef. According to most, people who do that simply “do not work”.

Like most work from home mums my career holds very little value against my partners. Daddy goes to work at set hours every day – mummy doesn’t. Daddy sometimes works 6 days a week – mummy doesn’t. Sound familiar? Sadly, I am not surprised.

Errands, housework, school, shopping, cooking – the list goes on and on. These are all tasks handed to the stay at home person … let’s now just totally drop the “work” from that sentence.

How on earth do stay at home working mums manage to contribute to the financial stability of the household, if they do not work? This is a question that has always baffled me. Ask a ‘working’ member of the household and you may, if you are lucky, get a shoulder shrug. The truth is, people still believe making an income from home is ‘make believe’. And, for one simple reason … they can’t do it!

I personally believe a wonderful work life balance is available to everybody – absolutely everybody.

However! One must first understand and embrace the word COMPROMISE.

Lower your outgoings and find the right industry, and you may just be on your way to earning a perfectly adequate income from home.

Buyer beware! It’s not as glamorous as you may think.

Written by a stay at home mummy who would kill for a few peaceful productive hours in an office – or a phone box. I’m not fussy.

Do you work from home? Please let us know any tips or comments you have on this topic in the feedback box below…



How’s your work/life balance?

PSX_20160311_144309I was asked recently to create an article around the work/life balance theory. A topic I know a lot about … a topic I LOVE!

After writing this article [which can be found at HatchedDesigns.com.au] I really started to dissect the question of what is a good work/life balance? Over the last few years I have read countless articles on it. I have seen people and corporations build businesses and reap profit from this very popular question that seems to be causing a great deal of people, a great deal of stress.

What I want to say with this blog, right now, is … Finding a good work/life balance isn’t difficult. It is certainly not something people need to add to their stress bucket. If you find your life a little ho-hum, a little more stressed than you would like, or not heading in a direction that fills you with at least some element of excitement or simple joy, you need to stop thinking about the things you loathe and start thinking about the things you love.

Take the time to simply sit down with a pen and paper and identify things that you love.

Now, do you have enough of this ‘thing you love’ in your life?

Are your hours devoted to ‘work’ and what you ‘love’ equal?

How can you bring more of what you love into your life?

For me, it is writing and time with my family. It took me 5 years to get here, however, my employment surrounds writing from home. Getting myself to this position wasn’t easy, but, it was worth it. My children don’t need daycare or before and after School care. They are lucky enough to have their mummy at home. My family was/is my priority and writing is at the top of the list of all things I love about life, therefore I know my work/life is in balance.

Knowing you have a healthy work/life balance comes down to how you feel about it? Does it feel balanced to you? Are you happy? If not, then what can you do at this very moment to change that… What is it that you love to do?

Feel free to start a discussion below. I would love to know how you created a work/life balance you enjoy.

Samantha Jane



What’s a ONE sheet???

I have recently started creating ONE sheets.
I hear you ask, “What’s a ONE sheet?”

Used originally in poster form as a printed promotional tool for musicians, bands and plays, a ONE sheet is a document now used to promote an individual or a business. Think of it as ONE sheet of paper that tells the reader – in the simplest way possible – who you are and what you do.

ONE sheets are used to replace either a resume document or a cover letter for a job application. A recent survey conducted, asked potential employers what they want to see when they receive a job application, most replied with what it was they didn’t want to see – Employers don’t want to sift through pages of resume looking for your skills and qualifications that match the job being applied for. Employers want ONE document that tells them immediately that you are suitable for the position they are offering.

Also used in business, a ONE sheet will identify, in the simplest form possible, what it is your business does. It’s an advertisement for your business and a tool to be used when networking and approaching new clients.

CATHERINE OSULLIVANHere is a ONE sheet I put together recently for a customer. Catherine will be using her ONE Sheet when she applies for roles as a Business Consultant and Project Developer. You see, a person can hold several ONE sheets – especially if they have multiple talents and qualifications. The ONE sheet should be specific for the role being applied for, the same way it is used promoting a business in a specific industry.

Do you need a ONE Sheet?
Individual/personal ONE sheets $35
Business ONE Sheets $60
Email sjfreelanceblogger@gmail.com

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Make your resume a work of art.

I was asked recently by a friend of mine how she should present her resume when applying for a creative job.

This is something I myself have fought with in the past and definitely made mistakes with.

When presenting your resume to a future employer, I believe you must present your resume in a way that reflects the industry you are hoping to enter into.

I will use my friend as an example…

The industry is makeup artistry. She has many years experience, including work with television stations. My friend has been a full-time solo mum now for a while and is at the time in her mummy years where she must find a more permanent job. Thankfully she has made the decision to pursue employment in an industry she has true passion for.

When you are a ‘creative’ it can be hard to secure employment that taps into your true talents and gifts. Frankly, there really just isn’t a great deal of permanent employment for the arty type. So when you find ‘that job’ advertised, you want to make sure you get your resume right. You want to capture the attention, firstly of the middle man scanning incoming resumes, and then of the big gun who will finally call you in for an interview.

There is one major aspect I want people to understand about applying for creative jobs. Your resume must be ‘visually’ appealing.

Add all the text you want about your quals and experience, what employers want to know first up is, “how good are you as an artist”.

That is why your first priority above anything else is to create a portfolio of your work – that means pictures, photographs, samples.

As most, if not all, job applications are now submitted online, it is extremely easy to create a digital portfolio with a quick link. This quick link could possibly be your quick entry to stage 1 interviews.

There is a plethora of publication building websites [all free] available for you to do just this. it is a simple case of creating a publication, uploading and obtaining your web link for pasting into absolutely every job application you make.

When we build magazines, or any other publication for that matter, we generally use issuu.com – It’s free and super easy. It also has a mobile app for quick access that looks super professional.

I hope this helps my creative friends get closer to their dream job.

We love your feedback and suggestions.

Samantha Jane



The life of a writer…

I consider myself pretty damn fortunate.

I love writing and people, actual companies, pay me money to do it.

What that means however is that I may have to take some time away from my personal pages, like this one for example.

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I hate seeing my pages lay neglected, I absolutely love getting paid to pay attention to other people’s pages. That is the life of any artist I guess.

As much as you love being creative and everything you create comes from the heart, money talks.

Not all writers, artists, creators need to be necessarily broke. Go where the money trail is and keep on doing your love stuff on the side.

Using your talent to derive an income is a very positive thing. It won’t spoil the broth, so to speak. And, no matter what your fears may tell you, your creative is in huge supply, you won’t run out if you give a little to other people.

Samantha Jane



Dreams don’t work unless you do!


It’s like expecting to win lotto without buying a lottery ticket – unless you provide action {work} for your dream, it will never come true.

You want to write a brilliant novel? Start writing and KEEP writing. An unfinished book will never get published.

You want to be a chef? Start cooking.

You want to be successful artist? Start creating.

Whatever you start you must keep going.

Although we dream at night, dreams don’t come true overnight.

Stay committed to your dream and you will reap the rewards.

#loveyourwork – No seriously … LOVE IT!

A very colourful brochure job for Suicide Risk Assessment Aust.
A very colourful brochure job for Suicide Risk Assessment Aust.

Outside of putting together an insanely cool issue of I AM magazine every quarter, I also dabble in a little graphic design work and content/freelance writing for other sites. I absolutely LOVE what I do! Every aspect of every job I receive, from the initial sourcing of ideas to the transformation of a customers vision into a finished graphic, file or story. When you work in the creative industry you are exercising, stretching and exploring some of the most beautiful parts of your brain. You are giving your imagination permission to step outside and show you exactly what it can do.

How many jobs or bosses allow you to do that?!!!

Love your work! Whatever it is you decide to fill your days with, do everything you can to love, at a minimum, 80% of your jobs requirement.

Otherwise, what’s the point?



sj freelance blogger graphic copy

I AM – Sutherland Shire’s Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine #20 2015 IS LIVE!!!

Head on over to read the latest issue of I AM Magazine!

A huge hello to all of our fit friends in The States! Thanks for tuning in. The Sutherland Shire may be a little beachside oasis on the Coast of Australia, but we are BIG when it comes to Fitness!

Enjoy the issue.

Samantha Jane X

I AM ISSUE 20 FEB 2015

The key to learning from your mistakes, is accepting that you made them in the first place.

mistakes copy

Mistakes are a peculiar thing. When we make it them it feels like the world is closing in and everything is against us. Truth be told, you have just been giving a gift. It is up to you however, whether you unwrap the gift to take a closer look or throw it back to the giver like a tantrum throwing 2 year old. It is your responsibility to take ‘responsibility’ for your part in the mistake. Only you can decide to pull that mistake apart and identify the role/s you played. Once you have done this, it is a hell of a lot easier to alter your behaviour, grow and change the course when it comes to making the same mistake again.

The problem we have as adults is that, when we were children, we were told mistakes were bad. Mistakes were surrounded and labelled as a negative occurrence. This is in fact incorrect. Mistakes are simply choices we make that provide us with a different outcome than we were initially expecting. While ever we are being given opportunities to grow and understand ourselves completely, how can that be a negative? Growth within ourselves is and will always be a positive. It helps us move towards becoming the person we truly want to be. It enables us to move more directly towards a ‘successful’ life – however you want to decipher it.

One of the main reasons people give up on their goals is fear of failure or the fear that they will make a mistake. Due to an upbringing that reflected a link between mistakes and shame, people feel more comfortable not trying – over trying, making a mistake and feeling shame. It is therefore imperative that we accept the fear that comes with trying new things and prepare to make the mistakes. Nobody can go through life without making mistakes. It is time to get comfortable with the wisdom and knowledge that you will most definitely make mistakes in life. How you look at them is up to you.

Here’s an exercise I like to do every time I stuff up – which is in fact, often.

RESPONSIBILITY: Write down the mistake. Start with; ‘I made a mistake and this is what it was’

IDENTIFY your involvement: List 5 possible things you did that caused the ‘undesirable’ outcome.

CHANGE: What can you do differently next time?

During this exercise DO NOT blame any one else. That includes people, life, or the universe. If it makes you feel better, take a new sheet of people and knock yourself out scribbling down all of the things that you feel were caused by others and out of your control. Writing your worries, fears and especially anger down on paper is excellent self-therapy. When you are done scrunch that sheet up and place it where it belongs, out of your heart and into the trash!

Samantha Jane

[Note: All information and advise is provided through life experience and experimentation only.]

I would love to hear your feedback or questions: Email iammagazine@live.com.au


Feeling inspired this morning by a little book review slash video clip…

The book is called DO YOU! by Russel Simmons and among other things it’s about accessing the POWER in YOU!

Why do I love this stuff? I LOVE it when people share their insight and life experience knowledge on how to get where you want to be. Note I said Life Experience knowledge. This stuff can’t be taught. To deeply understand success and what it takes to make it, people have to live the process first. Make mistakes. Change direction. Experiment with all options.


1. Have a clear vision of your goal. Visualise it to the point of being able to freeze it as a detailed image in your mind. Hang onto that image and keep it somewhere handy so you can pull it out at any time for viewing.

2. COMMIT TO IT! Swear to commit wholeheartedly to your goal. Don;t be one of those people who gets excited about every new idea then drops it when hard work comes into play. If this is your goal, own it! Make a commitment to work on it and for it.

3. Find your MANTRA. A mantra by definition is a ‘tool of thought’. It’s a couple of words created by you to deliver positive energy and assist in goal momentum. It can be anything from ‘thank you’ to ‘ I can do anything’. You are your biggest fan club, start acting like it.

4.On the topic of gratitude start your day with the ‘breakfast of champions’. While sipping your tea and munching on that toast start to rattle off in your mind all of the things you are grateful for already. Dig deep. Everybody has a long list of things to say thank you for.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others – or worse still, imitate others – everyone has an abundance of unique gifts to give. Work out what inspires you and start giving your gifts away. I love the ‘bucket of fish’ concept. Imagine you were given a bucket of fish by your higher power. Now instead of giving those fish away to other people you let them sit in the bucket and rot. It’s easy to see what the better option is, isn’t it.

6. Take ‘action’ baby steps towards your goal. Don’t fall for the “if you visualise it it will come” catch line. All success comes from taking action. To win lotto you must first buy the lotto ticket, right. To achieve your goals you must work out what action steps you need to take to make it happen.

Check this video out and don’t forget to check out the creators site…

I AM Samantha Jane X http://www.iammagazine.com.au