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This is the moment you realise…


This is the moment you realise you have been so caught up blogging for other businesses … you forgot to blog for your own.

I absolutely love writing and I know I am extremely grateful to be getting paid to do it. It’s been a hard slog, but I am glad to say I am one of the lucky few who have made it in the employment stakes.

Being a writer in 2016 is kinda like having a hobby… well that is how most people will see it. It is something people expect you to do on weekends for kicks, not as your day job. Truth is, most people are – or can be – writers these days. It is no longer considered a profession of artists. There are very few literary geniuses bursting off the local bookstore shelf these days.

Tonight I am about to sit down for yet another blog intended for a page that is not my own, and it is about working your passion. The angle – How to turn your passion into profit. It may sound like an easy article to write, it’s not! Turning your passion to profit successfully, is a job not for the faint-hearted. Because when you get down to it, turning your passion into something that is suppose to make you money, automatically places your love on the firing line… and trust me, it will get fired at.

There will be times when you feel your passion is messing with you. And, there will be times when you don’t look at your passion with the eyes of love – it will be more like the eyes of loathe. Ask a passionate parachuter to jump out of a plane 7 days a week as opposed to one weekend a month, and they will soon start to loathe the jump.

The truth is, turning your passion to profit means sacrifice. Yes, you may get the chance to love what you do and hopefully it will afford you more time to do other things – but I guarantee you one thing … you will at one time or another start to look at your passion with different eyes. The sacrifice? Losing the love for what it is you love to do.

Please feel free to start a discussion below. I would love to know the ups and downs of how you have managed your passion company/job. If you are interested in the article I am about to write, please head over to http://www.hatcheddesigns.com.au

Until next time,

Samantha Jane



The BLOG Boom!

I am an employed blogger.

I love saying that, because for many years, I was an unemployed blogger. There were times when 100% of the writing I did was done for love not money. I still write because I love it – I just get paid now.

Aside from the weekly blog posts I create for other businesses and websites, I am also employed by consultancy companies to assist general businesses move towards a digital format. For instance, I am currently working with an Aged Care facility who recently discovered they needed to enter the world wide web or fall to the end of the queue.

Aged Care is an extremely competitive industry and there are a lot of choices these days. The particular facility I now work for has been around 30+ years – it’s not hard to understand why they thought everything would stay ‘business as usual’. The problem they came across, however, is that the family members seeking Aged Care for their loved ones were now going online to do it. With no online presence, numbers will start to dwindle.

I have to say, creating the blog posts and monthly newsletter for this particular industry has been surprisingly fun. I absolutely LOVE it. I never realised that being in Aged Care was pretty on par with going to camp. Everything is done for you, you make really good friends and activities are endless.

I spend 2 days a week with this client developing and publishing their BLOG and Newsletter. It fits in with School Hours and means my little bub can have a nap at Grandmas, located just around the corner from this facility, while I work onsite a few hours. Just another way I am building my career … at home.

It can be done.

Samantha Jane


New Year … New Job!


I can already tell 2016 is going to be one very exciting year!

I am adding another awesome project to my list next year as I take on my new role of Marketing and Communications for IBIS Care.

Lots of Blog and publication writing coming my way – I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

Bring on 2016.

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Don’t forget to follow THE THRIFT EDIT page!

Don't forget to follow THE THRIFT EDIT page!

This little Bettina Liano number was gifted to me by one of my closest girlfriends – what are friends for if not to find you awesome stuff whilst thrifting 🙂 I love her dearly and exchanging small finds is a gesture we both adore. The dress was found at St Andrews Church Op Shop for two gold coins – $4! The price of a cup of coffee. It will be perfect for girly lunches or brunches in Spring, Summer and Autumn when complimented by the appropriate trans-seasonal pieces.

Australians spend over $10.5 billion per year on stuff they don’t use!


Did you know?

Australians spend over $10.5 billion per year on stuff they don’t use!

Could you go 6 months without buying new clothes for yourself or anyone in your family?

As a self-declared shop-aholic I can definitely admit this would be virtually impossible—insane really!

However, I highly recommend trying it if only for one month.

Over-consumption of practically everything in Australia is of increasing concern. Westfield Malls are on the rise and as jam-packed as ever with frenzied shoppers. As environmental awareness accelerates more companies are becoming greener and embarking on more sustainable means of production. Which is comforting when  considering the weight of consumption doesn’t appear to be decreasing.

The Clothing Exchange reported,

“Australians currently spend over $10.5 billion per year on stuff we don’t use. And fashion accounts for well over $1.7 billion of that annual waste expenditure.”

So basically we sentence a lot of stuff to the dark corners of the closet for a hell of a lot of money and damage to the planet.

So I challenge you to journey through one whole month embracing responsible and conscious consumption. If you have the incessant desire to purchase that one really amazing piece amongst the I am pages, please do so. However! Why not stick to just one.

I promise you will survive, you may even gain an increased awareness of sustainability and a greater respect for  fashion.



  1. You will save money!
  2. You don’t need a lot of money!
  3. Find classic garments and accessories for a fraction of the original retail price. The thrill of securing a bargain is an additional perk of shopping second hand.
  4. It’s environmentally-friendly.
  5. Buying second hand removes one more need for someone to go and chop down a tree, pollute the sky and oceans, or pay a human being 5 cents a day to make an item you may only wear once. Pat yourself on the back, you are helping save the universe.
  6. Your money goes to a good cause.
  7. Your money will assist in helping others in need and generally within your local community.
  8. You will be a unique and ORIGINAL fashionista! Chances are you will never rock up wearing the same thing as someone else.

Check out how we’re styling the #thrift way over at [The Thrift Edit] at the top of this page.