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The BLOG Boom!

I am an employed blogger.

I love saying that, because for many years, I was an unemployed blogger. There were times when 100% of the writing I did was done for love not money. I still write because I love it – I just get paid now.

Aside from the weekly blog posts I create for other businesses and websites, I am also employed by consultancy companies to assist general businesses move towards a digital format. For instance, I am currently working with an Aged Care facility who recently discovered they needed to enter the world wide web or fall to the end of the queue.

Aged Care is an extremely competitive industry and there are a lot of choices these days. The particular facility I now work for has been around 30+ years – it’s not hard to understand why they thought everything would stay ‘business as usual’. The problem they came across, however, is that the family members seeking Aged Care for their loved ones were now going online to do it. With no online presence, numbers will start to dwindle.

I have to say, creating the blog posts and monthly newsletter for this particular industry has been surprisingly fun. I absolutely LOVE it. I never realised that being in Aged Care was pretty on par with going to camp. Everything is done for you, you make really good friends and activities are endless.

I spend 2 days a week with this client developing and publishing their BLOG and Newsletter. It fits in with School Hours and means my little bub can have a nap at Grandmas, located just around the corner from this facility, while I work onsite a few hours. Just another way I am building my career … at home.

It can be done.

Samantha Jane



New Year … New Job!


I can already tell 2016 is going to be one very exciting year!

I am adding another awesome project to my list next year as I take on my new role of Marketing and Communications for IBIS Care.

Lots of Blog and publication writing coming my way – I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

Bring on 2016.

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