Why you can’t afford NOT to blog.

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So why blog anyway?

When we are talking about revenue, there is only one real reason to blog – you blog to keep people coming back to your website.

Keeping a regular blog ensures your website is active. There is nothing worse than heading over to a company website and not being able to tell if they are actively trading or not.

Your customers will look for signs on your website that tell them you are in fact still trading and therefore easily contactable.

The ONE page websites went off a few years ago. A media company convinced businesses to part with their cash for one simple page – displaying their website and contact details – linked to a domain name. Times change rapidly, especially in the world wide web, and it is no longer acceptable to have a page that shows no signs of life.

So how do you get your website breathing.

Simple! You blog.

Blogging is a form of advertising and self promotion really. It is a very clever way to give your customers more and draw attention to your product or services.

Here is a quick little plan I live by while building my web presence and the presence of my employers and clients:

  1. Post ONE informative entertaining blog per week. ONE blog per week is all it takes to keep your website vibrating in the ‘www’ stratosphere. Keep your posts niche and limit the word count to 500 words or less with graphics. People want the most amount of information in the fastest possible way. They don’t want to have to sit reading your blog for more than 5 minutes.Your blog is the door opening to other features on your website. Your blog post is an opportunity to turn curiosity into profits!
  2. Make a monthly sales goal calendar. What is it you want to achieve this month? Make a plan and base your blogs around it.
  3. Place a call to action at the end of your blogs. Keep your readers coming back with a prompt to sign up to your newsletter or give them a special introductory offer. What ever it is, keep it at the end of your blog and make it a very small feature of the blog. Do not make your blog look like an advertisement by placing too much emphasis on the ‘sell’.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA! Keeping an active blog is a super easy social media post. You’ve done the hard yards by writing the blog, now use it on social media to create interest. You are providing information for FREE about a topic your customers are curious about. Find social media groups that hold your target audience and start making friends with your blog.
  5. PLAN ahead! One of the hardest things my customers find is the time and motivation to write their blogs. If you don’t have the passion or know-how to put together effective blogs that promote and communicate your business, hire someone -like me- to do it for you. Map out your monthly goal, hand 4 topics to your friendly blogger and get them to write it for you. It could cost you as little as $25 per week – now that’s a bloody good investment when you consider what your time and business growth is worth.

Until next time – Happy business building.



What’s a ONE sheet???

I have recently started creating ONE sheets.
I hear you ask, “What’s a ONE sheet?”

Used originally in poster form as a printed promotional tool for musicians, bands and plays, a ONE sheet is a document now used to promote an individual or a business. Think of it as ONE sheet of paper that tells the reader – in the simplest way possible – who you are and what you do.

ONE sheets are used to replace either a resume document or a cover letter for a job application. A recent survey conducted, asked potential employers what they want to see when they receive a job application, most replied with what it was they didn’t want to see – Employers don’t want to sift through pages of resume looking for your skills and qualifications that match the job being applied for. Employers want ONE document that tells them immediately that you are suitable for the position they are offering.

Also used in business, a ONE sheet will identify, in the simplest form possible, what it is your business does. It’s an advertisement for your business and a tool to be used when networking and approaching new clients.

CATHERINE OSULLIVANHere is a ONE sheet I put together recently for a customer. Catherine will be using her ONE Sheet when she applies for roles as a Business Consultant and Project Developer. You see, a person can hold several ONE sheets – especially if they have multiple talents and qualifications. The ONE sheet should be specific for the role being applied for, the same way it is used promoting a business in a specific industry.

Do you need a ONE Sheet?
Individual/personal ONE sheets $35
Business ONE Sheets $60
Email sjfreelanceblogger@gmail.com

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Map your bubbles!

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Kids love them at playtime and mumma’s love them in their glass. Bubbles are a ‘good thing’ and identifying the right bubble for you is imperative to mapping out an effective local marketing strategy.

I was discussing map bubbles last night with a local Miranda business. I was explaining how every business needs to identify the location of their bubbles [target audience], from bubble #1 through to #3.

It is a super simple exercise. Basically get a map of your local area and mark your business location with a big red dot. Place a protractor over that dot and create your first circle/bubble by drawing out 2-4klms. This is your first bubble and should be your first point of contact with your marketing.

Depending on what type of business you have, and your marketing budget, look for industries and facilities in the area that see your target audience everyday. Meet with those groups and negotiate a way to expose your services within their business.

Where are your bubbles?


Bubbles #2 and #3 follow the same way. Keep your bubbles tight and only increase the radius/klms by 4-5 at a time.

Would you like help marketing your services? Are you on a budget?

Talk to me.

Make your resume a work of art.

I was asked recently by a friend of mine how she should present her resume when applying for a creative job.

This is something I myself have fought with in the past and definitely made mistakes with.

When presenting your resume to a future employer, I believe you must present your resume in a way that reflects the industry you are hoping to enter into.

I will use my friend as an example…

The industry is makeup artistry. She has many years experience, including work with television stations. My friend has been a full-time solo mum now for a while and is at the time in her mummy years where she must find a more permanent job. Thankfully she has made the decision to pursue employment in an industry she has true passion for.

When you are a ‘creative’ it can be hard to secure employment that taps into your true talents and gifts. Frankly, there really just isn’t a great deal of permanent employment for the arty type. So when you find ‘that job’ advertised, you want to make sure you get your resume right. You want to capture the attention, firstly of the middle man scanning incoming resumes, and then of the big gun who will finally call you in for an interview.

There is one major aspect I want people to understand about applying for creative jobs. Your resume must be ‘visually’ appealing.

Add all the text you want about your quals and experience, what employers want to know first up is, “how good are you as an artist”.

That is why your first priority above anything else is to create a portfolio of your work – that means pictures, photographs, samples.

As most, if not all, job applications are now submitted online, it is extremely easy to create a digital portfolio with a quick link. This quick link could possibly be your quick entry to stage 1 interviews.

There is a plethora of publication building websites [all free] available for you to do just this. it is a simple case of creating a publication, uploading and obtaining your web link for pasting into absolutely every job application you make.

When we build magazines, or any other publication for that matter, we generally use issuu.com – It’s free and super easy. It also has a mobile app for quick access that looks super professional.

I hope this helps my creative friends get closer to their dream job.

We love your feedback and suggestions.

Samantha Jane



The life of a writer…

I consider myself pretty damn fortunate.

I love writing and people, actual companies, pay me money to do it.

What that means however is that I may have to take some time away from my personal pages, like this one for example.

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I hate seeing my pages lay neglected, I absolutely love getting paid to pay attention to other people’s pages. That is the life of any artist I guess.

As much as you love being creative and everything you create comes from the heart, money talks.

Not all writers, artists, creators need to be necessarily broke. Go where the money trail is and keep on doing your love stuff on the side.

Using your talent to derive an income is a very positive thing. It won’t spoil the broth, so to speak. And, no matter what your fears may tell you, your creative is in huge supply, you won’t run out if you give a little to other people.

Samantha Jane



Everyone trips, everyone falls…

kat stanley photography.jpg
Photo by Kat Stanley Photography.

It’s a School night. The kids are in bed and I have just finished watching, A Current Affair’s, ‘Trace’ conduct a big girl chit chat with the Ambassador for girl-power, Oprah Winfrey.


The Big O has always fascinated me. I haven’t quite worked out if I love her or simply want to be her. I think it’s a little bit of both. When the chit chat made a bee-line towards ‘Self Belief’, which ironically Oprah is actually good at, she spoke about an old boyfriend in her 20s and how he asked her “why she thought she was so special”. Clearly not an actual question, just a statement to make her feel ‘less than’.

At the time, Oprah agreed with this foolish young man – little did he know who he was actually talking to – and today she laughs at how much she actually believed him. You see, she was told throughout her childhood that she was ‘not special’. Her self worth was fractured and practically destroyed well before their paths had crossed. He would have been simply another voice added to the existing internal dialogue reminding her that she ‘was not good enough’ – a self belief far too many of us adopt.

And with that came my inspiration to write this article.

I met Llew Dowley a while ago now. She had just released her first book titled Crazy Mummy Syndrome. It was a humorous, but very honest, confession of what it is like to go through hell – it was a documented account of her personal experience with Post Natal Depression. Llew learnt first hand during PND mode what it was like to have monsters in her head. The thing with Llew though, is that she used these monsters to propel her forward and through things she either thought she couldn’t achieve, or was told were impossible. Like running. In her book she talks about how she was told, due to an injury, that she should avoid running… so she worked on it, and she started running.

To me, Llew is a little bit like Oprah – she is going to hate me writing that – she is one of those people looking for the next challenge to encourage more of herself to show ‘itself’. I think Oprah embarks upon this task by talking and listening, where as Llew embarks upon it physically. First it was running and then it was walking, sounds a little backward doesn’t it? It was however the walking that left Llew horizontal on the couch in salty puddles of contemplation and disappointment.
When I first heard LLew had decided to join the Oxfam 2015 100klm walk, I was not surprised at all! This lady is a go-getter who appears to have no perceived roof where goals are concerned and with Crazy Mummy Syndrome now somewhat behind her, things seemed different for Llew, she felt strong, and in her heart and mind she was capable of killing this walk no matter how far it was.

In August this year, Llew and 3 friends, Sian, Charley and Bridgette, joined hundreds of other ‘change makers’ to complete the Oxfam 100 Kilometre Trail Walk to raise money for people in need. 100 kilometres is a long way and when I asked Llew how experienced her team members were in attempting this sort of distance, she said they had very limited experience, but all knew it was something they wanted to do. Now this clearly isn’t a walk along the Esplanade. We’re talking peaks, mountains, foot holes and stairs that require miles of walking lunges. It is tough!

The girls trained. They completed 30, 40 and even 60klm treks prior to the big 100. Bundeena to Otford to Audley from 6am to 9pm. It was repetitive and challenging, but their mindset and training had them convinced that they could do it.

When I met with Llew to discuss how the walk went, she was clearly upset. She said, “Oh you want to talk about me not finishing it?”. As it turns out, by the 3rd check point an old friend had decided to join Llew. It was bad knee number one and surprisingly bad knee number 2. Incredibly swollen and in no condition to continue, she was forced to stop at 43klms. Devastated doesn’t describe what Llew was feeling. I think she felt cheated, ripped off.

Llew had put her heart into this, and in her mind she had seen herself succeeding before it even started. Little did she know that, when others would cross the finish line, she would be lying on the couch in tears wondering what went wrong.

Chatting to Llew I could see that it was the ‘not finishing’ that she saw the most. All I could think was, “You walked 43klms!. I have never walked that far! I’m not sure I could … maybe I should try?” The greatness I saw was the failure she saw, because she was brave enough to see more. To believe more of herself – in herself.

We need more people like Llew! More people to expect more from themselves. More people brave enough to attempt BIG things. More people who choose to stop listening to the monsters in their head. If Oprah had listened to that boy in her 20s would she be where she is today? I doubt it.

Maybe it’s time to stop looking at what you haven’t achieved and start looking at what you can.

[Llew and her team raised $13,000 for Oxfam, assisting people who need it the most.]

Read more about Llew’s journey over at: http://www.crazymummysyndrome.com

This article appeared in the 22nd issue of I AM Magazine.

It was written by:
Samantha Jane
E: iammagazine@live.com.au / sjfreelanceblogger@gmail.com

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Another Sutherland Shire local business…

kirsty obrien

When you need the services of a professional, you want someone with experience. And not just the pen on paper type. You want someone who, not only understands the problem, they have test driven solutions all the way to success.

If you want to improve your appearance, you opt for a hairdresser who is known for their ability to style others, or a makeup artist with a kick ass portfolio. If you want to lose a few pounds, you choose a personal trainer who has achieved success in weight loss. If your car packs it in, you most definitely want a mechanic who knows how to pull apart an engine and put it back together.

You want someone who has been there and done that… you want someone with experience.

So what about a Life Coach or any coach for that matter?

What counts more to you? The establishment they achieved their degree at, or hands on experience?

You have to ask yourself, who is more qualified … someone who has simply studied or someone who has hands on experience with the ups and downs of life…

Kirsty O’Brien, founder of Invisible Crown, is a successful Women’s Empowerment Coach. She is in love with her life.

Kirsty believes you won’t get what you want out of life until you are in cahoots with yourself. This was a valuable lesson she learnt a few years ago when she went through divorce, nursed her 4 year old through cancer therapy, lost everything and even faced bankruptcy. It is a lesson she intends passing onto others… it is the lesson of acceptance and true self love.

The hands on experience Kirsty gained, in rebuilding her own life, has given her valuable tools in assisting others build theirs.

Every woman has unique struggles and personal triumphs. We learn a great deal of wisdom from our time spent on the ride down to ‘rock bottom’. Some women never experience those times and then there are others who do. Those times, as difficult as they are, teach us the most about life. Kirsty has found her most successful coaching tools from her personal experience with ‘rock bottom’ and is now using those tools to help women identify and achieve their dreams.

It is very easy to sit back and say, I wish I had this, or I wish I had that. The question is ‘how’.
How do you get to ‘success’ – do you really even know what ‘your success’ looks like?

Kirsty helps her clients take the action that is required to achieve their dreams. Maybe she can help you find that yellow brick road to your very own happily ever after.

Here are some of the services offered: One on one and internet coaching sessions, intensive workshops and retreats, and self esteem workshops for teen girls. To find more on services available please visit the following website:
Email invisiblecrown@outlook.com.au

What’s your angle?

7bdb25ea7111d95da1036211572ae297A company should have at least 2 – 3 angles to market their business from.

Lateral thinking is key.

The way to sell a product is to look at it from all angles.

There is never just ‘one’ market or one group of customers for your product/service. Identify all potential groups and why they would buy your product.

Personalise your marketing to the angle your customers will want to view it.

[Need a digital magazine to showcase your business? Email iammagazine@live.com.au]

Writer by trade and passion.