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The BLOG Boom!

I am an employed blogger.

I love saying that, because for many years, I was an unemployed blogger. There were times when 100% of the writing I did was done for love not money. I still write because I love it – I just get paid now.

Aside from the weekly blog posts I create for other businesses and websites, I am also employed by consultancy companies to assist general businesses move towards a digital format. For instance, I am currently working with an Aged Care facility who recently discovered they needed to enter the world wide web or fall to the end of the queue.

Aged Care is an extremely competitive industry and there are a lot of choices these days. The particular facility I now work for has been around 30+ years – it’s not hard to understand why they thought everything would stay ‘business as usual’. The problem they came across, however, is that the family members seeking Aged Care for their loved ones were now going online to do it. With no online presence, numbers will start to dwindle.

I have to say, creating the blog posts and monthly newsletter for this particular industry has been surprisingly fun. I absolutely LOVE it. I never realised that being in Aged Care was pretty on par with going to camp. Everything is done for you, you make really good friends and activities are endless.

I spend 2 days a week with this client developing and publishing their BLOG and Newsletter. It fits in with School Hours and means my little bub can have a nap at Grandmas, located just around the corner from this facility, while I work onsite a few hours. Just another way I am building my career … at home.

It can be done.

Samantha Jane


The life of a writer…

I consider myself pretty damn fortunate.

I love writing and people, actual companies, pay me money to do it.

What that means however is that I may have to take some time away from my personal pages, like this one for example.

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I hate seeing my pages lay neglected, I absolutely love getting paid to pay attention to other people’s pages. That is the life of any artist I guess.

As much as you love being creative and everything you create comes from the heart, money talks.

Not all writers, artists, creators need to be necessarily broke. Go where the money trail is and keep on doing your love stuff on the side.

Using your talent to derive an income is a very positive thing. It won’t spoil the broth, so to speak. And, no matter what your fears may tell you, your creative is in huge supply, you won’t run out if you give a little to other people.

Samantha Jane


What’s your angle?

7bdb25ea7111d95da1036211572ae297A company should have at least 2 – 3 angles to market their business from.

Lateral thinking is key.

The way to sell a product is to look at it from all angles.

There is never just ‘one’ market or one group of customers for your product/service. Identify all potential groupsĀ and why they would buy your product.

Personalise your marketing to the angle your customers will want to view it.

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Keeping your digital presence…

012f64ad06cd02a25c6852417441133cOne of the things most businesses want to know is, how they can keep people coming back to their site.

The answer is simple.

Keep your website active.

It does not matter what industry you are in, childcare, medical, building or retail; to maintain your presence in the BIG digital world and ensure your market continues to check back with you, keeping your site fresh and active is paramount.

And yes that means BLOGS.

Blogging is a way to provide information in an entertaining way – it is also an extremely effective way to SELL your product or service. When people SHARE information on social media it is generally in the form of an interesting article or blog post. You will very rarely find a user sharing a business name or site address – unless it belongs to a family or friend.

A HUGE amount of businesses simply don’t have time to blog. My answer … hire a writer!

For a very affordable hourly rate you can hire a freelance writer to provide the content for your site as you need it. This not only means you won’t have the stress of writing it yourself, you are guaranteed material that reflects your profession, offering your potential clients more bang for their buck.

Samantha Jane

Writer –



Dreams don’t work unless you do!


It’s like expecting to win lotto without buying a lottery ticket – unless you provide action {work} for your dream, it will never come true.

You want to write a brilliant novel? Start writing and KEEP writing. An unfinished book will never get published.

You want to be a chef? Start cooking.

You want to be successful artist? Start creating.

Whatever you start you must keep going.

Although we dream at night, dreams don’t come true overnight.

Stay committed to your dream and you will reap the rewards.

New Year … New Job!


I can already tell 2016 is going to be one very exciting year!

I am adding another awesome project to my list next year as I take on my new role of Marketing and Communications for IBIS Care.

Lots of Blog and publication writing coming my way – I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

Bring on 2016.

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The MEGA Issue!



We are closing the year of 2015 with a MEGA Issue!

That’s right! We’re putting the best of the best over 22 issues in ONE BIG ISSUE!

If you have been putting off Advertising in I AM, now is the time to secure your space as we launch THE magazine to top all others.

Reaching an extensive audience through WordPress, Issuu, Facebook and Instagram, don’t you think it’s time you jumped on the I AM wagon and said hello to your fans?

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Keep calm…we had a baby!

As you may have noticed, we have been a little quiet of late. It turns out, looking after a newborn is one extremely time consuming task – you think I would have known this being that baby Jaxson is baby #3.

Somehow though, it completely slipped my mind. We do however plan to be back with regular Health, Fitness and Lifestyle posts very soon. I AM Magazine ISSUE 22 is right on schedule for release in October 2015. If you have an interesting or inspirational story to share with our readers, please drop us a line over at the email address listed below.


Meet the newest I AM team member, Jaxson Houston.


See you soon,
Samantha Jane
sj freelance blogger graphic copy

#loveyourwork – No seriously … LOVE IT!

A very colourful brochure job for Suicide Risk Assessment Aust.
A very colourful brochure job for Suicide Risk Assessment Aust.

Outside of putting together an insanely cool issue of I AM magazine every quarter, I also dabble in a little graphic design work and content/freelance writing for other sites. I absolutely LOVE what I do! Every aspect of every job I receive, from the initial sourcing of ideas to the transformation of a customers vision into a finished graphic, file or story. When you work in the creative industry you are exercising, stretching and exploring some of the most beautiful parts of your brain. You are giving your imagination permission to step outside and show you exactly what it can do.

How many jobs or bosses allow you to do that?!!!

Love your work! Whatever it is you decide to fill your days with, do everything you can to love, at a minimum, 80% of your jobs requirement.

Otherwise, what’s the point?



sj freelance blogger graphic copy