Philanthropist by nature.

Communicator by passion and trade…

2010: I guess I was searching for something – answers, perhaps.

The meaning of life … my true purpose?

I knew I had this incredible urge to help others. I looked around daily and all I saw were people just getting on with life. Making ends meet. Dancing with depression and juggling stress. There had to more to life.

I started at the very beginning. It was like writing a novel in some way, I guess. I just started writing. People joined me along the way. From all walks of life. Everybody had a story to tell – something they felt they could share. A little piece of wisdom that may, in the smallest way, help another.

I created I AM Magazine to inspire people to look deeper into life – turns out, I inspired myself. I inspired myself to open my eyes to the beauty of the every day. I started paying attention to the small details of life.

As I wrote, I learned.

Some 22 issues later, I found myself on a path to my ‘best life’. I changed my life by helping others change theirs.

In communicating to people the message of I AM, I actually found mine.

I hope you discover a little piece of your I AM among the pages of I AM Magazine.

Proud supporter of Human Rights, Equality and Breaking the Poverty Cycle.

If you would like to learn more about my professional background, please keep reading.

Samantha started her career in Communications 18 years ago working with a highly respected and well known Australian athlete on the production of his fitness label. With her love of marketing and brand development growing rapidly, Samantha continued her career 8 years later with a natural merge towards media design, spending 6 years with Fairfax Media as an Advertising Executive. It was her time with the newspaper giant that encouraged her to dive into magazine development. It took many years, but after endless hours spent studying all facets of Magazine product development, she gained confidence and skill in a variety of areas of publication production. From design, print and page layout, photography, interviewing, research, fact checking and the natural ability to source a great story, Samantha was able to finally start her dream job. With five crazy years of publishing I AM Magazine behind her, she was contacted by a very large aged care corporation. They asked her to come on board as their Media Manager – to which she said Yes! Living every freelancers dream, Samantha now works her own hours in any location she chooses, helping businesses communicate their message to you.


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