Map your bubbles!

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Kids love them at playtime and mumma’s love them in their glass. Bubbles are a ‘good thing’ and identifying the right bubble for you is imperative to mapping out an effective local marketing strategy.

I was discussing map bubbles last night with a local Miranda business. I was explaining how every business needs to identify the location of their bubbles [target audience], from bubble #1 through to #3.

It is a super simple exercise. Basically get a map of your local area and mark your business location with a big red dot. Place a protractor over that dot and create your first circle/bubble by drawing out 2-4klms. This is your first bubble and should be your first point of contact with your marketing.

Depending on what type of business you have, and your marketing budget, look for industries and facilities in the area that see your target audience everyday. Meet with those groups and negotiate a way to expose your services within their business.

Where are your bubbles?


Bubbles #2 and #3 follow the same way. Keep your bubbles tight and only increase the radius/klms by 4-5 at a time.

Would you like help marketing your services? Are you on a budget?

Talk to me.


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