Make your resume a work of art.

I was asked recently by a friend of mine how she should present her resume when applying for a creative job.

This is something I myself have fought with in the past and definitely made mistakes with.

When presenting your resume to a future employer, I believe you must present your resume in a way that reflects the industry you are hoping to enter into.

I will use my friend as an example…

The industry is makeup artistry. She has many years experience, including work with television stations. My friend has been a full-time solo mum now for a while and is at the time in her mummy years where she must find a more permanent job. Thankfully she has made the decision to pursue employment in an industry she has true passion for.

When you are a ‘creative’ it can be hard to secure employment that taps into your true talents and gifts. Frankly, there really just isn’t a great deal of permanent employment for the arty type. So when you find ‘that job’ advertised, you want to make sure you get your resume right. You want to capture the attention, firstly of the middle man scanning incoming resumes, and then of the big gun who will finally call you in for an interview.

There is one major aspect I want people to understand about applying for creative jobs. Your resume must be ‘visually’ appealing.

Add all the text you want about your quals and experience, what employers want to know first up is, “how good are you as an artist”.

That is why your first priority above anything else is to create a portfolio of your work – that means pictures, photographs, samples.

As most, if not all, job applications are now submitted online, it is extremely easy to create a digital portfolio with a quick link. This quick link could possibly be your quick entry to stage 1 interviews.

There is a plethora of publication building websites [all free] available for you to do just this. it is a simple case of creating a publication, uploading and obtaining your web link for pasting into absolutely every job application you make.

When we build magazines, or any other publication for that matter, we generally use – It’s free and super easy. It also has a mobile app for quick access that looks super professional.

I hope this helps my creative friends get closer to their dream job.

We love your feedback and suggestions.

Samantha Jane



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