Keeping your digital presence…

012f64ad06cd02a25c6852417441133cOne of the things most businesses want to know is, how they can keep people coming back to their site.

The answer is simple.

Keep your website active.

It does not matter what industry you are in, childcare, medical, building or retail; to maintain your presence in the BIG digital world and ensure your market continues to check back with you, keeping your site fresh and active is paramount.

And yes that means BLOGS.

Blogging is a way to provide information in an entertaining way – it is also an extremely effective way to SELL your product or service. When people SHARE information on social media it is generally in the form of an interesting article or blog post. You will very rarely find a user sharing a business name or site address – unless it belongs to a family or friend.

A HUGE amount of businesses simply don’t have time to blog. My answer … hire a writer!

For a very affordable hourly rate you can hire a freelance writer to provide the content for your site as you need it. This not only means you won’t have the stress of writing it yourself, you are guaranteed material that reflects your profession, offering your potential clients more bang for their buck.

Samantha Jane

Writer –




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