A ‘PT’ who is FREE FREE FREE!!! – Cronulla!

Okay, so how many times have you said, “I would get a personal trainer if I could afford it” or just “I can’t afford to join a gym!”

Now you have NO excuse for putting off that daily workout.

Image belongs to Live Life Get Active

Live Life Active is a FREE outdoor group exercise class running daily from Monday thru Friday.

Starting at the perfect post school drop off time of 9:45am, the class is casual, for all levels of fitness, packed with variety and run by a fully qualified fitness instructor. Expect to learn how to X-train, Box and wind down with yoga, all whilst having fun in the Cronulla beach side sun.

Live Life Active is a program run all over Sydney – for Shire folk however, the local is at Cronulla Don Lucas park Wanda.

For more details find them on Facebook ‘Live life get active’

From the editor; “I have literally tried to attempt two of the Live life Active classes in the past 5 days, however my little man just hasn’t allowed it. I refuse to give up though. I will keep showing up and pray that one day he will actually sleep soundly in the pram. The great thing about this class is, if you are a mum like me with a temperamental bub that for some reason doesn’t want to co-operate some days, you are not out of pocket a cent if you simply have to make a quick exit. It beats booking in with your PT and then having to cancel at the last minute – cha-ching!”



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