So far this year 62 women have died at the hands of violent men in Australia. That’s around 2 per week!

Society is at present trying to educate men as to why they should not hit women – to me, this is a no-brainer – so far, this education has shown no significant results. Men continue to abuse women, physically, mentally and emotionally at an alarming rate.

As a mother to a beautiful young 7 year old girl I have decided to take a different approach to this problem.

I have decided to educate my daughter in how to DEFEND herself.

I have never been a parent who sits back hoping the bad people of society will be healed or educated in a way that will stop them from hurting others – from maybe even some day hurting one of my children.  I look for solution’s in my own backyard and teaching my daughter self defense seems like an obvious solution.

My advice to all mum’s out there – RAISE GIRLS TO RAISE THE ROOF! Empower them emotionally, mentally and physically, so that if some day they are faced with a person who can’t keep their hands to themselves, they will have the self confidence to know the behaviour is unacceptable and the know how to defend themselves.




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