Fight post-partum depression with PILATES…

mums&bubs 1Postnatal Pilates: a great way to fight post-partum depression as well as re-find your pre-pregnancy body awareness. 

Several studies demonstrate that exercise participation is likely to benefit persons with general depressive symptomatology. In particular exercise can have important antidepressant effects during the post-natal period. In September BPS will start offering quality mums & bubs Pilates classes to give our new mums the chance to enjoy the benefits of Pilates with their baby and thus reinforce the bond between them.

When to start postnatal exercise? “The gestational and postnatal period are characterized by a global morphological and structural transformation of the female body. In particular the abdominal musculature has to dilate in a few months to allow the growth of the fetus and the pelvic floor is subjected to an overload from the increased visceral weight” says gynecologist Rossana Sarli. “Therefore it’s very important in the immediate postpartum period to help the ‘pelvic – abdominal system’ to regain its functionality”.

Six weeks after giving birth, most of the changes that happen to your body during pregnancy will have returned to normal. If you had a caesarian birth, a difficult birth or complications during pregnancy or delivery, it may take a little longer, so if you are not sure, ask your doctor when is a good time to restart exercising.

Types of postnatal exercises? General exercise, such as walking, can be started as soon as you feel comfortable after giving birth. Keep in mind that your lower back and abdominal muscles are weaker than they used to be. Your ligaments and joints are more lax and easier to injury if you stretch or twist too much. Therefore avoid any high-impact exercises or sports that require rapid changing of directions. Instead choose low-impact forms of exercise, such as swimming, aqua aerobics and Water Pilates, Pilates, Yoga or Cycling.

mums&bubs collage (1)Why Pilates? Pilates can provide an ideal postpartum workout! A safe whole body form of exercise, the Pilates method strengthens the deep core and pelvic floor muscles, thereby creating a firm muscular support for your spine and organs as well. At our mums& bubs classes you will learn sequences of movements to strengthen and lengthen your back muscles, thus reducing any lower back pain you may have. By focusing on spinal articulation in different planes of movement, postural control and breath, you will quickly re-find your pre-pregnancy body awareness. Pilates can also stimulate circulation, which brings a reduction of excess water weight retained after delivery. Last but not least, Pilates can be a great way to keep mind and body under control while hormonal changes might produce overwhelming emotions.

What about your baby? Unlike exercises classes where your baby stays passively in the classroom, during our mums & bubs Pilates classes your baby is an integrant part of the session. During some exercises your baby acts as a weight and as he/she gets bigger, you get stronger! It’s the most natural form of progressive resistance training. At BPS mums & bubs classes your baby will have the chance to interact with you firstly and then with other babies, thus stimulating his/her physiological development, getting ready for crawling and standing, improving balance and reducing stress levels, which helps him/her to sleep better .

For further details about our mums & bubs classes visit us in person at 16/70-72 Captain Cook Drive Caringbah or call 8544 1757. But if you want to come try our classes straight away, make sure you reserve your spot by booking in advance! You can do it online by visiting our website


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