MISS 80/20…

20150827_183727Food glorious food…

Last night we tried something a little different… Steak with Blueberries! It was insane – in a good way 🙂

Here’s the ‘HOW TO’ if you want to bring this absolutely divine Paleo dish to your dinner plate.

You will need…


Blueberries – I buy the frozen bags as they are soooo much cheaper than the ‘by the punnet’ variety.

Spring onions x 5 sticks sliced thinly

Beef stock – just one cup please

Garlic – give it a squirt that is right for your palette 🙂

Fresh Thyme! A couple of twigs broken up with the finger tips.


Place your finely sliced onions, garlic, stock and thyme in a pan. Cook over a gentle medium heat stirring to help the stock reduce. Once you have only about 20% of the stock remaining in the pan, remove from heat and place in a jug to the side. Now turn that pan up to super HIGH heat and cook your steaks. DO NOT leave your steak all alone on the stove! Give it your undivided attention only turning a few times until cooked to your desired bloody-ness 🙂 Remove the steak BUT keep those yummy juices in the pan! Turn the pan down to a low-medium heat and return your onion mix to the pan. Soak up that steak juice for about 1 minute. Grab your blueberries and pop them in the mix. Keep the pan on a low heat – just enough to heat the berries. Toss them gently as you want to keep them whole and intact.

PLATE UP! Cut your steak into juicy strips [once it has rested for at least 5 mins] Now top with your blueberry sauce mix – OH-MY-YUM! Throw some baked sweet potato sticks on the side and you have one restaurant worthy dish on the family dining room table.

$$$ – This dish will cost around $25 for 2 people depending on the steak you use. Some people will disagree with me, however I believe all steak tastes great as long as it is cooked with TLC – that means; HIGH Heat cooked quickly, turned a max 2-3 times. A great way to test if your steak is well done is to press down on the steak with your tongs. The firmer it is the more cooked it is – simple 🙂

Happy Cooking!

Samantha Jane

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