Miss 80/20…

IMG_20150827_094106I have talked a little bit about my food choices [aka diet] on many social media pages and wanted to start sharing some of my really yummy – yet natural – recipes with my I AM followers.

Basically, I am an 80/20 Paleo-er. To some this may seem like I am a foody fence sitter, happy to sit on the edge of being a full-time paleo and a general eater. For me though, I see it as choosing to eat ‘clean’ 80% of the time, which in turn helps me to maintain my ideal weight, occasionally lose weight, and keep my body nourished and at it’s best from a nutritional perspective, while allowing me to indulge at times on foods that are definitely NOT Paleo – like, wine and chocolate and coffee…yum! I figure, and have proven with my body, that this is ‘the’ food lifestyle choice that fits me best – seeing as I am a bit of a food-aholic, but want to keep my body lean and mean 😉

Here is one of my favourite easy dinners to whip up on a busy week night. My partner – who is a personal trainer with a passion for weight lifting – and my children, LOVE this dish. It tastes ah-mazing and doesn’t leave anyone craving late night snacks or even dessert [not that there is anything wrong with dessert ;-)]

This meal will set you back about $20 for a family of 4 [when purchased from COLES], depending on how many chicken breasts you buy. Here is a tip, always always always buy your chicken breasts straight from the supermarket deli. If you read the price per kilo on the pre-packaged stuff in comparison to the deli price you will see what I mean. [Deli $9.00 p/kilo VS pre-packaged $14.00 p/kilo]

You will need:

1 single chicken breast per person cooked whole

1 strip of bacon [rindless if you choose] per person

1 Eggplant cut into strips lengthways and about 1cm thick

1 RED capsicum sliced or cubed

1 GREEN capsicum sliced or cubed

1 RED onion sliced

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes cut in halves.

HOW TO… Place the Eggplant on a tray laying the strips of bacon on top. Cook on a fairly high heat until the bacon looks crispy and the eggplant is golden. In a pan on the stove, brown the chicken on both sides. Throw in all of the cut vegies and a splash of water. Lift the chicken breasts to sit on top of the vegies, cover and cook on a medium heat until the chicken is cooked through – but not dry. This will take about 15 mins depending on how good you’re stove top is. Take the chicken out and set aside covered to keep the moisture in. Turn the heat up and fry the vegie mix off stirring to blend the flavours and help the water evaporate. Once everything is cooked, lay the Eggplant like a bed on the plate. Top with Bacon, then Chicken, then the Vegie mix. It looks healthy but tastes seriously ah-mazing!

The key with this dish is to not overcook anything. Be kind to your food and give it lots of attention. I know how easy it is to get distracted by the kids and sometimes our partners – ahmmm – BUT, this dish literally takes less than 30 mins to knock up. It is super quick, easy to prepare and very affordable … BUT most of all, it will nourish the body not the saddle-bags 😉

Happy Cooking 🙂

Samantha Jane

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