John Coutis, the man with half a body, leads a very FULL life.

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The ‘Rolling Success’ John Coutis is a man on a motivational mission to prove that, “if he can…you can!”

How does a man born with a severe disability that left this country boys parents thinking they would have to bury their son in a shoebox become one of the world’s top motivators, sharing a stage with some of the most influential people, like the great Nelson Mandela…

One month before his 18th Birthday John made the courageous decision to have his legs surgically removed. From birth, John’s legs were rendered useless, they simply did not work. He could feel touch only when he saw his legs being touched, otherwise their was nothing. After that surgery John says so many things ran through his head, one of them being, “how much is my life worth?” He asks the thousands of people that pack the stands at his motivational talks, how much they believe their life is worth. Some look at him with a blank face really not knowing the answer. He says the answer is simple, “Your life is PRICELESS! You have to start spending it that way. DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE. Write down your goals, because GOALS give you purpose and direction.” John states that one of his goals everyday is to have fun and enjoy himself.

John puts his success down to the taunts and bullying he experienced as a child. He learnt from a very young age that if he was going to get somewhere, anywhere in life, he would need to block out the voices telling him he wasn’t good enough. He quotes on his website, “Blocking out the negatives has been a full time job for me. My focus has been on achieving and doing what most said I could not do.”

John classes himself as ‘a lucky one’ due to his disability being visible. He believes that everybody has a disability – everybody – for most people however, it is their heart, attitude and the way they treat others and themselves. One of life’s biggest battles, according to John, is loving who you are.

“I don’t want to be sitting in a nursing home at 80 years of age thinking would my life have been different if I had done what I wanted to do. The trick is to get up off your bum and get into life, because you get one chance to do your very best – one chance! How lucky are we today.”

“No matter how screwed up you think your life is it can always be straightened out.”

A final word from John; “Let me tell you that you are not ‘JUST’ anything. You, like me, are a human being, talented, special and an individual. You are not ‘JUST’ anyone you are someone.”

Watch the Inside Story special on John Coutis tonight on Channel 9.

For more information on John please visit his website at and be inspired by the video links below.


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