Your Fitness Fashion – is it making you FAT???

activewear market

Can your workout wear have a psychological effect on how you perform at the gym, or in fact whether you even go at all?

According to a 2012 study, it most certainly can.

The study, coined ‘enclothed cognition’, was performed by two lads inspired by a Simpson’s episode – no that is not a typo. The researchers wanted to know whether the clothes you wore had an effect on your performance whilst undertaking certain activities.

The study revealed that yes you will perform a task more successfully if what you are wearing is providing you with the confidence to undertake the task.

In summary, if your workout wear gives you confidence, you are more likely to not only work harder at the gym, it has an impact on the motivation, you sometimes need, to go to the gym.

Think about the last time you bought a new pair of runners or workout tights. Were you looking forward to getting them into action or did you just want to put them on and sit on the couch?

And here’s a bonus, if you are seeking the positive psychological side effects of wearing activewear that makes you feel ‘ready to go’, you don’t have to spend a bomb! Kmart and Big W both stock a huge range of activewear that is not only a good fit, it will take you from inside the gym to outside without the feeling of looking out of place.

Hell, who doesn’t wear their gym gear all day long. The versatility that has been injected into this clothing item is the reason why the industry is up 6% on general apparel.


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