Do you have the willpower to dump your friends?…


Someone once said to me, “you are who you hang with.”
At the time this statement cut like a knife. I thought, you arrogant *bleep*! How incredibly insulting!
Looking back I can see the statement as it is, and that is, that it is a simple statement. It holds no right or wrong and it does not say anything about your friends or yourself in a negative or positive manner. It was the interpretation by my brain that made this particular statement so insulting.
Why? Because clearly I didn’t think a lot of the people I was spending my time with. My circle did not match or compliment my beliefs, goals or dreams. This statement was only insulting, because of the underlying thoughts I had of myself, and of them, at the time. It was the truth that cut like a knife. I didn’t want my life to look – or be – like theirs.
If your friends don’t match your personal goals… it is time to find a new circle.
If your goals are in line with health and fitness, surrounding yourself with people who eat crap and binge drink every weekend is not going to motivate you to stay on track and achieve the success you desire. Their behaviour will no doubt sabotage your dedication in the long run and compromise your motivation.
If your goal is to stick to a tight budget and save. Surround yourself with people who don’t define their life with material things or superficial ego’s. You can’t stick to a budget if your bestie is insisting you dine at only the finest of establishments every weekend and shop out of the need to stay on track with what is in fashion.
Hang out with driven, goal-orientated people that reflect your mindset.
At the end of the day only you are responsible for your willpower – but, surrounding yourself with like-minded people is one of the easiest ways to keep you on track and maintain your motivation.

Samantha Jane – I AM Magazine

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