My gym pants are my party pants!!!

workout party

A little image share from my FIT friends over at Plus Fitness Taren Point!

I LOVE this statement!

I think there is a definite stigma when it comes to the perception of those who ‘work out’. Now, I am not referring to the folk who choose to exercise regularly – my reference is more towards those crazzzy fit folks with a focus on reaching their ultimate FIT potential, rating their daily workout as important as brushing their teeth or combing their hair.

While onlookers might consider the gals and dudes, pumping weights 5-6 days a week, turning down a Saturday night binge or Sunday afternoon cocktail as a side effect of their obsession with how they look – I am here to set the record straight.

A ‘healthy’ obsession with FITness is the by-product of how GOOD it makes you FEEL. Those who exercise at a high intensity regularly are feeling the benefits, and I say this with my hand on my heart and with absolute honesty, a FOCUSED workout, whether it’s cardio, strength training or pilates, has the ability to give a euphoric feeling like no other! And, when you start to experience ‘that feeling’ it’s extremely easy to dodge that Sunday morning hangover – besides, you can’t hit the gym early on a Sunday with a roaring headache can you? *wink*


Samantha Jane

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