They may make you fart…but recent research reveals, beans are most definitely good for your heart!

An 11 year study conducted by geneticists, physicians and medical researchers, in ‘blue zone’ areas around the world – [places where people live the longest with the lowest rates of chronic disease] – has revealed that BEANS are the cornerstone in a diet producing optimal health and overall life longevity.

“One five-country study showed that beans were the only food that predicted a longer life—for each 20-gram serving (about two tablespoons) eaten a day, the chance of dying dropped by 8%. Fava beans in Sardinia, black beans in Costa Rica, lentils in Ikaria, soybeans in Okinawa.”

Beans not only deliver more protein than beef, they are a friend to the gut by providing an ideal environment for good bacteria to thrive.

Looking for easy ways to up your bean intake? Simply add a few tablespoons to your salad, soup, stew or a nice warm bowl of chilli. Here’s a tip! Next time you are baking, leave the butter and oil out! Puree some beans for the moisture you need in those yummy muffins, loafs and cakes. Sounds odd, but trust me, you’ll never know the difference.

How many beans will you eat today?

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[Information and quotes sourced via the Wall Street Journal and]


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