STOP sharing your sh*t to avoid sharing germs…

Great advice coming into Winter – by David Barker Performance Training Caringbah.

10 things to consider in order to boost your immune system this Winter.

Coming into the cold and flu season it is crucial you maintain a healthy diet to boost your immune system and protect yourself from germs!

1. Maintain a healthy diet, ensuring meal timing and macro-nutrient goals are being met.
2. Wash hands often.
3. Ensure you are getting enough sleep per night.
4. Try including garlic, tumeric and ginger in your recipe’s
5. Ensure you are taking a multi-vitamin and consuming foods high in vitamin C
6. Try and decrease stress by choosing either meditation, yoga or simply switching off from work and stressful daily tasks by doing an activity that you enjoy.
7. Try and cut back on unhealthy habits – such as large consumption of alcohol.
8. Try including fresh vegetables and fruit into your everyday diet.
9. Try to avoid touching shared objects in the public. e.g. Train railings, toilet doors etc and avoid sharing cutlery and cups in the work place.
10. Drink plenty of herbal and green tea and avoid a lot of caffeinated drinks.

Follow the highlighted words above for more information on these topics.



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