It’s so noisy in here! … Sorry, what did you say?


Have you ever been to a noisy restaurant or bar where you had to ask people to repeat what they’ve said more than once?

Many of us pretend to hear something and just nod or smile, and sometimes experienced that awkward moment realising that your response was not the anticipated or appropriate one for the social context. For most of us that does not occur too often, but imagine being hearing impaired and experiencing that on a daily basis.

Do you know anyone with hearing loss? Chances are you do when one in six Australians experience some loss. The saddest outcome of hearing loss is social isolation leading to depression.

Independent audiologist, Jawan Sayed, is on a mission to help hearing impaired residents and businesses in the Sutherland Shire district.

Sayed, says:  “One of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of hearing loss is the difficulty hearing voices when there is background noise. It is the reason people stop going out to cafes and restaurants and become isolated.”

Sayed, who has just opened the doors of her own independent Caringbah clinic ‘Quality Hearing Care’, is passionate about supporting hearing impaired people in her local community to improve every aspect of their daily lives.

She has embarked on an Australian first, to create a comprehensive list of local businesses in the Sutherland shire area that provide hearing friendly environments.

Sayed has been visiting local businesses, assessing their environments, and providing those businesses with free advice on how they can improve their environments to make it a more enjoyable experience for someone with a hearing loss.

These hearing friendly Sutherland shire businesses are being continuously added to  Sayed encourages businesses to contact her if they would like to be added to this list, and welcomes recommendations from hearing impaired residents.

Quality Hearing Care is located at Shop 3, 12-16 President Avenue, Caringbah, NSW 2229.

Ph: (02) 9525 8811 or Fax: (02) 9525 8822

About Jawan Sayed:

Jawan Sayed has over eight year’s senior clinic experience, and specialises in adult hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings and rehabilitation. She is also a trusted supervisor of university audiology students and audiology interns.  Jawan takes the time to clearly explain every aspect of the process; from the hearing loss type, what to expect, device options to the best way to regain confidence, independence and social connection.

“My passion is to support hearing impaired people recover their quality of life by helping them improve their hearing experiences in everyday life.” Jawan Sayed.


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