From Frozen to FOOTBALL!!!

My courageous niece running with the boys and owning the footy field at 4! Need inspiration? Check her out…

Dumping Barbie - Because 'Strong' is sexy.


I am unashamedly one of those aunties always bragging about her nieces and nephews. I absolutely luuuuurve them! The littlest of the crew are twins, James and Madyson, and at 4 years of age they are into all of the things typically generalised by their sex.

James likes trains – A LOT! – and Maddy LOVES Frozen! Yes, we have many videos of the girls belting out their best rendition of ‘Let it Go!’… come on, who doesn’t?!

Recently my sister made the move to sign the twins up for their first season of sport. The idea was to let the kids pick a sport that they found interest in, more than likely signing up for seperate activities.

The team sport on James pick list was Football. My sister pondered it for a while, watched a game in action and decided, why not. He may be small, but he’s a…

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