jason hebbard

WHO is CrossFit Inventive?

I AM Jason Hebbard a 40 year old fitness trainer, CrossFit Coach & owner of CrossFit Inventive, located at Resolution Drive in Caringbah.

I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years and played the well known sport of Rugby League from the age of 5, retiring when I was 32.

My passion for fitness kept me injury free for the majority of my career and kept me playing the sport I loved for longer than most people. I went on to become a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Cronulla Sharks Junior Development Squad for 1 season, moving on to do the same coaching for 3 seasons at the Sydney Roosters.

My passion for helping kids to become elite athletes and reach their ultimate fitness goals, is the same passion I have for my gym and my clients.  At CrossFit Inventive I motivate and assist clients to better their fitness levels and reach individual goals they set.

How I found CrossFit … I found CrossFit roughly 4 years ago online after seeing everyday people of all ages do incredible things in the gym and achieve amazing body transformations. This inspired me to open my very own ‘Box’.

BORN IN THE USA! … CrossFit is a fitness practice that has spread worldwide at a phenomenal rate. Its popularity stems from a CrossFit community that prides themselves on supporting and encouraging one another within their CrossFit Box (gym). The family atmosphere is a special part of what CrossFit provides; it’s everyday people making new friends, working together to achieve incredible goals.

The question is often asked, “Is CrossFit for everyone?”… CrossFit is still relatively new to everyone in the fitness community and there has been a lot of good & bad feedback on the type of training it provides.

For example; how effective is it? Is it too hard on the body? Am I too old or too young to give this a go?

The answers I will give you as a CrossFit Box owner is that … it is definitely for everyone providing it is coached correctly and ‘the coach’ is aware of each individual’s fitness level.

 We have clients as young as 17 and as old as 65, both achieving exercise they may have thought was once impossible. Our clients can achieve this as they are all in a safe, fun & friendly environment.

14482_crossfitabout_03 CrossFit can be for those that want the ultimate workout or those that want to improve functional strength and gain conditioning at the same time.

This type of training combines speed training, strength training, plyometrics, power lifting, kettlebells, body weight exercises, gymnastics, and endurance training.

How many other workouts offer this much all at once.

These workouts target the major fitness areas, including cardio-respiratory, stamina, muscle strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance, coordination, agility, accuracy, and endurance. The key is to work out at least three days per week – five weekly workouts is even better! Don’t worry, these aren’t long workouts, they usually take between five and 15 minutes to do.

Generally at CrossFit Inventive the whole body gets a great workout using pulling, pushing, rowing, squatting, and running movements and because the workouts are short, there are a lot of different exercises that can be done to keep things fresh so people don’t feel like they are doing the same thing over and over again (which is what happens with other types of workouts). This type of training will guarantee variety and exceptional results if you commit to the program.

At CrossFit Inventive all workouts are scaled to your own fitness ability so that anyone and everyone will enjoy the session. We have 1 on 1 fundamental sessions for beginners, so that your transition into CrossFit is a safe and comfortable one.  We also have a very popular ‘female only’ CrossFit class for ladies of all ages, which is on every Saturday morning.

I hope that one day you find your way into CrossFit Inventive and give us the chance to open your eyes to the wonderful world of CrossFit.   – Jase, Head Coach & Owner CrossFit Inventive http://www.crossfitinventive.com.au


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