Two friends of mine constantly use this #tag and until now I had no idea what they were on about!


It turns out, women apologise unnecessarily on a daily basis – who knew it? – and the folk in the know want women to STOP saying SORRY!

Oops sorry….I said sorry!

No, seriously. Apologising, or using the word ‘sorry’ in situations that frankly do not warrant it, like when someone barges past you causing sudden elbow contact and you automatically turn around to apologise, can be putting women in a subservient position and causing them to lose the respect of people around them with every ‘sorry’ they mutter.

Think before you utter the ‘S’ word again!!!

Are you sorry? Should you be the one saying sorry? Does the situation call for a ‘sorry’?

Just a thought.

SJ – Editor


Here’s a great READ on this topic…


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