What is Kanga Training? In a nutshell, it’s a workout that doesn’t require crèche!

Founded by an Austrian mum who simply wanted to keep working out, Nicole Pascher developed the program soon after realising that baby number 3 was not too keen on lying quietly in a pram while mummy worked out. Kanga Training is essentially a workout performed pre and post natal that includes bub every step of the way.

Now don’t worry, this is NOT just another one of those boring ‘mums and bubs’ workouts. Kanga Training provides a plethora of options with workout styles ranging from In class to Out and About trekking with bub in tow*. Babies are placed in specially designed baby carriers suitable for this type of workout. Developed in Europe and started in Australia in 2012, the low impact workouts are designed to encourage pre-pregnancy muscles to once again activate, providing mum’s with a new and fun way to regain their strength.

“Kanga Training means a total body workout while your baby can relax and enjoy being close to you.”

What’s in a name? KangaTraining is named after the Kanga in Winnie The Pooh who dotes on her very active and energetic baby Joey, Roo.


*Hiking and trekking is not available in all areas.

A Touch of Salsa Latin dance Studio located in Kogarah offer KangaTraining classes on Wednesday only from 10am – 11.30am for $15 Contact Nola: 0414 229 966

Information also available at 


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