Self-belief – ie. confidence – is a little personality trait that will get you a looooong way!

Here are a couple of tips to boosting your confidence levels on a daily basis…

sit up straight

1. SIT UP STRAIGHT! A University study revealed that when you sit up straight your thoughts become more empowered with self-belief, as opposed to the moments you find yourself slouched in a chair. Next time you’re getting ready to sit at your desk with a mission to create the blog of all blogs – take a moment to correct your posture.

Need help with posture? Lana and the team at BPS Tensegrity, Caringbah, can help!

2. DO SOMETHING OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE! When we take risks [reasonable one’s of course] a sense of accomplishment is automatic. Take a leap of faith and feel proud of yourself for having the guts to try something new. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Whatever it is you attempt, as long as it pushes past your daily comfort zone levels, you are guaranteed an instant dose of ‘Look at how awesome I AM!’.

Something NEW? Try stand up paddle boarding with our friends over at SUP Cronulla.

3. START SWEATING! Another awesome study by the Uni bunch revealed at least 20 minutes of exercise can have the power to shift your mood from blah to Oh-YEH! Don’t have gym membership? Don’t need it! Hit the pavement with a brisk stride or a sprint or two… you are guaranteed a free dose of the best chemical ever – Endorphins … is it just a coincidence that ‘Euphoria’ starts with the same letter? Endorphins create that positive vibe you feel after exercise and have been described as the ‘natural morphine’, which can diminish the body’s perception of pain.

Need a GYM? You have come to the right place! Check out the SHIRE FITNESS DIRECTORY for a health and fitness provider in your local Sutherland Shire area.

4. CHANGE YOUR HAIR COLOUR! A Study by a UK University found that, “After colouring their hair, women are more likely to ask for a raise, challenge their boss or put their foot down when confronted by a co-worker”. You hair is a very powerful thing. Strangely, it has the ability to change the outlook of your day depending on its behaviour…


NEED Hair advice? Drop in to one of the most trusted names in hair styling in the Sutherland Shire, Brook Swinbourne, for a consultation on how to vamp your look to lift those confidence levels.

Make the changes today to build a better you for tomorrow! Why? Because god girl YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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