The 28 day habit breaking myth…

Are you being realistic when it comes to breaking old habits and creating new ones? While setting the ‘preached’ 28 day time frame are we simply setting ourselves up for failure… Read on…

Dumping Barbie - Because 'Strong' is sexy.

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So how many days does it really take to break a habit?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask!

It also depends on the scale of the habit you are either trying to break or make.

Recent studies have revealed it takes 66 days on average to make or break a habit. In fact, when a group of people were studied, the scale of the habit reflected a much broader time frame than the ’66 day’ calculation, with some habits taking as little as 18 days and others a whopping 254!

The key to making, or breaking, habits is persistence and finding success in progress rather than the expected result. For example, If your goal is weight loss and your action steps involve a new eating plan and scheduled exercise – find your success in your commitment and execution of the plan on a daily basis as…

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