Feeling inspired this morning by a little book review slash video clip…

The book is called DO YOU! by Russel Simmons and among other things it’s about accessing the POWER in YOU!

Why do I love this stuff? I LOVE it when people share their insight and life experience knowledge on how to get where you want to be. Note I said Life Experience knowledge. This stuff can’t be taught. To deeply understand success and what it takes to make it, people have to live the process first. Make mistakes. Change direction. Experiment with all options.


1. Have a clear vision of your goal. Visualise it to the point of being able to freeze it as a detailed image in your mind. Hang onto that image and keep it somewhere handy so you can pull it out at any time for viewing.

2. COMMIT TO IT! Swear to commit wholeheartedly to your goal. Don;t be one of those people who gets excited about every new idea then drops it when hard work comes into play. If this is your goal, own it! Make a commitment to work on it and for it.

3. Find your MANTRA. A mantra by definition is a ‘tool of thought’. It’s a couple of words created by you to deliver positive energy and assist in goal momentum. It can be anything from ‘thank you’ to ‘ I can do anything’. You are your biggest fan club, start acting like it.

4.On the topic of gratitude start your day with the ‘breakfast of champions’. While sipping your tea and munching on that toast start to rattle off in your mind all of the things you are grateful for already. Dig deep. Everybody has a long list of things to say thank you for.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others – or worse still, imitate others – everyone has an abundance of unique gifts to give. Work out what inspires you and start giving your gifts away. I love the ‘bucket of fish’ concept. Imagine you were given a bucket of fish by your higher power. Now instead of giving those fish away to other people you let them sit in the bucket and rot. It’s easy to see what the better option is, isn’t it.

6. Take ‘action’ baby steps towards your goal. Don’t fall for the “if you visualise it it will come” catch line. All success comes from taking action. To win lotto you must first buy the lotto ticket, right. To achieve your goals you must work out what action steps you need to take to make it happen.

Check this video out and don’t forget to check out the creators site…

I AM Samantha Jane X


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