Don’t be a lazy Santa…Trust me, she knows you didn’t put any thought into last years gift.

Have you ever wanted to give a gift to someone that – you feel – would be extremely beneficial, but you are worried that it may be taken ..well, the wrong way?

In your mind it’s easier, and safer, to just head to the Myer Perfume counter for her favourite fragrance or this season’s latest tote or crop by her most cherished label… all ‘necessities’ she buys herself at many stages throughout the year.

OR here’s an idea! You could be original this year and buy her something she won’t expect!

Nutritionists across the globe unite in, an evidence based, opinion that the key to effective weight loss has everything to do with what you’re using as fuel. Many people in the Sutherland Shire attend a gym and most even have a personal trainer to guide them through exercise, movement and physical activity to achieve their body and fitness goals…but, how many have a health coach?


A Health Coach will provide the client with an action plan customised to his/her individual body type and needs. They will provide a meal plan that assists in directly achieving weight loss goals. Eating the right foods is a lifestyle choice, not a diet, and education on making healthier food choices along with food preparation, is something that the experts in health analyse in order for their clients to reach their health goals faster. Utilising a health coach will not only ensure you are on the right track in your weight loss journey, it will provide you with long-term fat loss results and overall wellbeing.

Give the gift of HEALTH this year and buy your loved one a HEALTH COACH to kickstart 2015 in the best way possible.

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, but taking the right steps towards achieving your annual goals can be confusing. Having a professional point you in the right direction is a gift worth giving and one every fitness freak will want to receive.



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