2014 – Redefining the “Cool Kids” status…

This is a little post I wrote for Dumping Barbie. I love how the teens are redefining the “Cool Kids” status. I see it in my son, my niece and their friends. I’ve watched as parents have become angry and frustrated having no control as to whether their son or daughter goes to University or drops out. I love this generation because I truly believe they understand life and the meaning of it more than most 40+ year olds. While people in authority stand around telling them to go this way or go that way…they are taking a stand and declaring that they will only go one way – and that is their own way.

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cool kids

When my daughter graced me with the lyrics of a new song, that had clearly planted itself in her mind for the week, ‘Cool Kids’, it was one of those ‘wtf’ moments…

“I want to be like the cool kids…like the cool kids…”, she sang in her best just-like-the-artist voice.

Now, if there is one thing I have tried to encourage my children not to do, that is to be like the “cool kids”.
In my time, being a cool kid meant you looked the part, acted the part and had all the ‘cool’ things that meant your were the part. Your coolness in superficial things set you apart from the ‘average’ pack. It made you a “cool kid”. I was not a cool kid myself, I was an “in-between” kid. I confidently and happily hung with both sides of the “cool” and “not-so-cool”.

Of course, being the over controlling…

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