5 reasons to attend The Greenery Wedding Expo.

There really is only one reason you’ll attend The Greenery Wedding Expo on Monday the 18th of August …  it starts with B and ends in E, lives for the day she actually gets to wear the veil and dreams only of ivory, lace and 4 tiered cakes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We know she’s a pretty convincing reason, but we thought, just in case you needed a little more persuasion, we’d give you five!


5 reasons to attend The Greenery Wedding Expo.

1.The BRIDE! Oh, you’re getting married! I bet that’s all your friends hear about now, right? Well as long as you’re not rubbing salt into a deep bitter single-dom’s wound … good for you! So this is your BIG day. Everything needs to be perfect – or you’ll kill someone – right? The Greenery at Cronulla Golf has everything you need to make your BIG day magical. From the Entertainment right down to the Wedding bits and bobs, they are gathering the best of the best in the industry, under one fabulous roof for an evening of glamour and Wedding organisation. From gowns, flowers, accessories, music, cars, décor, candy and cake, the team at The Greenery have put their ‘I DO’ hats on, to bring the Wedding industry to YOU!

2.The BEST FRIEND! Now don’t pretend she’s dragging you along completely against your will … Who doesn’t love a good Wedding Expo! Of course NOTHING will ever top your wedding, but you’re a good friend and you’ll provide your loyal input to get her, well, sort of close, to making her day spectacular! Besides, there’ll be fluted bubbles and possibly a sampling of cake here and there, what better way to start your week … and it’s FREE!

3.The GROOM! You know what the boys will say if you get caught at this event don’t you? Okay, she’s been kinda demanding lately, we understand, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Son, pick that ball and chain up and head to The Greenery to at least check out the newly refurbished function room. An elegant reception beside a golf course, it’s a win-win. While your beautiful wife-to-be is ogling a gazillion décor colour swatches and stuffing her face with samples from the candy buffet, you can work out how you and the boys will get your clubs to the course for a quick round pre-photos. If you get time, don’t forget to check out the HF Hummers, I heard those things are stocked with a pretty well equipped mini bar.

4.The MOTHER-IN-LAW! Chances are the groom won’t be attending this one if he can get away with it, OR he’ll take our advice and sneak out at the first possible opportunity. Either way he won’t be there when the important decisions are made, like which one of the 52 types of floral arrangements you will place on the tables, at the entrance, beside the exit and on either side of the buffet. The Greenery are promising to provide the couple with an endless amount of ideas, products and services to make their BIG day perfect. Use this opportunity to over-ride any poor taste opinion the groom could possibly have on décor colours and beer bucket centrepieces. This is your chance to stay true to the Mother-in-law code of conduct and plan the wedding you never had! Everybody knows you know better … and style, well you played in the 50s baby. Take the Bride on your very wise arm and experience The Greenery in all of it’s wedding glory.

5.The COMPETITION! So you didn’t register for this Wedding Expo – we all make mistakes. It doesn’t stop you from cornering a Bride or two in the bathroom while you slip your business card casually into her Wedding Expo sample bag. This is a great opportunity to check out what your industry friends are up to and how you can evolve and promote your product or service better … like signing up to the next Wedding Expo on registration call out. Don’t miss out!

The Greenery at Cronulla Golf, is hosting a Wedding Expo and will be showcasing Sydney’s most talented and professional suppliers. 

When: Monday 18th August 2014

Time: 5pm – 8pm

Where: At Cronulla Golf Club (corner of Elouera & Hume Road Cronulla)

Speak face-to-face with The Greenery’s event team and hand-picked suppliers.

THIS EVENT IS FREE! But bookings are preferred on events@the greenerycronulla.com.au

Bring your friends, parents & bridal party for what will be a great night!

Did we mention there is a lucky door prize?!!


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