Ed’s TOP 3 tips for keeping your CURVES in The Shire…


I absolutely LOVE my body! I mean … LOVE it!

Health and fitness is a major part of my life. I understand it, I respect it & most importantly, I embrace it! 

When it comes to food I have made an 80/20 promise to myself. That means 80% of the time, I eat clean paleo foods – fruit, veg, protein & water. The paleo lifestyle is super easy and super effective in keeping a healthy waistine. It simply involves eating foods that are fresh and generally in their original form. Foods that have not been modified by man, besides the picking and transporting of course 🙂 I am a single mother of 2  and the paleo lifestyle suits all of us. The meals I cook are simply delicious in their freshness and compatibility. Like Chicken, coriander, garlic and lemongrass with fresh stirfry veges. Sometimes the kids will have a side order of rice – it’s not paleo, but it’s hardly bad for them.

And then we have my 20% of the time foods. These are indulgent treats like, Affogatos at Margerita Pizza on Surf road or a carrot and walnut muffin with layers of cream cheese topping from Barefoot on the Beach, Cronulla. I LOVE food! I believe eating food should be an experience and even an adventure. I don’t limit my palette in flavour & variety, I simply respect quantity. I indulge … I never overindulge.

Fitness is also something I do regularly. Firstly because I LOVE it, secondly because I LOVE it and thirdly …. because I LOVE it! You got it? Walking, running, sandhills, yoga, pilates, dancing, rollerskating, skipping … the ways to exercise are endless, especially when you live in The Shire.

Here are my TOP 3 tips to keeping your curves in The Shire.

1. Take advantage of the plethora of fresh food options. From the local fruit & veg provider or butcher, to drop ins like So Fresh and Heart & Soul in Cronulla. These are just two…there are literally 100s of places in The Shire to purchase fresh clean food. It all comes down to making the choice. As my friend Chrissy, from Jacaranda Cottage, would say … CHOOSE UP! Which means, make the choice that is better for you.

2. GET OUT THERE! Whether it’s radiating sunshine or raining – I will exercise daily. Sometimes it’s a quick 20 min power walk up the rocky road of Green Hills or it’s a 45er pounding the esplanade. Block out time in your schedule and get on with it. It only takes 21 days to break OR make a habit. Once you give yourself that time to exercise, you will never look back. If exercising on your own is not that appealing, find a friend or better still a personal trainer. I know quite a few in the area and they all have their own special talent of getting you the results you want and need. Getting a personal trainer is a great way to get started on the path to a better life physically.

3. MEDITATION… yep, there is that boring word again. If you can’t see yourself sitting cross legged on the floor trying desperately to calm the mind, then go for a slow walk in the fresh air. It has been scientifically proven that women will store excess fat around their mid section if stressed. Do yourself a favour and make choices to remove, or at least limit, stress. Stress is an assassin, it not only kills joy, it can kill YOU! Go for a tea or coffee by yourself for at least 20 minutes a day, give time back to yourself. This is time to restore your mind, take some deep breaths and balance your emotions. I can not stress enough how important it is for everybody to take time out daily for themselves. It is not selfish … it’s survival. If you surround yourself with things and people all of the time, you will not find the time for personal growth. That is what meditation or time alone will provide you, time for personal and spiritual growth.

I love hearing from you. if you have any thoughts on this topic please email me.

Samantha Jane



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