Shame on me….


It has been one month since my last post … what have I been up to???

To list it all would take all day!

However, I feel it necessary to list the most important adventure – I am currently working my creative and passionate butt off with 3 ah-mazing local Sutherland Shire women. They are Alison & Rebecca from Shire Women and Kelly Gaunt from Intouch Marketing.

Put a face to the name? [pic above]

Meet Ali & Bec on the left and the vibrant Kelly Gaunt on the right … and of course the I AM creator, me, in the middle.

I AM MAGAZINE is now a collaboration between 3 local Sutherland Shire businesses – I AM magazine, Shire Women & Intouch Marketing – and yes, we are all 100% local!

Our combined focus is to provide our community with a hip, trendy and up-to-the-minute monthly publication that tells a story about the people who live here and the place we call home. We are creating a true LOCAL community magazine that will support local business and perhaps provide a quirky journal of the events that occur during its published years.

We know many have tried before…but to put it simply, they were not us!

We know our stuff and if there is one truth in this World it is this…. When women want to, they will, and collectively they have unlimited power to kick serious butt!

We are going to GIVE BACK to our community. We are going to SUPPORT it. We are going to CREATE sustainability.


Find I AM magazine in PRINT in July 2014 at a location near you!


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