THRIFT LIKE A STYLIST – Part 2 – Fundamental #2


Check out Part 1 here >>>

Fundamental #2 – What is your daily routine?

This question is aimed at helping you identify your most efficient yet effective style. The style you choose will work best if it matches the requirement of your lifestyle.

My next question is, are you happy with how you look? If no, what would you like to see different?

If you were just met with an ‘I have no idea’ thought cloud, think about the last time you admired fashion or style. What was it about this outfit you liked and who was wearing it? Think about what it was that grabbed your attention and admiration, then head straight to Google, or my favourite house of fashion inspiration, Pinterest! Start a style board by collecting images that induce the ‘I love that look’ vibe.

When we decide on a style that screams ‘I love how I look’ it is important to respect practicality. It requires the consideration of let’s say a diet. Can you maintain this look without going into debt or denying savings and time. We all want to look like celebrities, but reality tells us our budgets simply cannot support it. Celebrities also have a great deal more ‘style time’ than the average woman. I appreciate the trust and time every woman I have styled has given me, therefore I don’t provide them with the illusion that all style can be achieved in the 20 mins they may have rushing the kids out the door. The key is to create a versatile, stylish and efficient wardrobe. Keep these 3 goals in sight  – versatility, style and efficiency – and your wardrobe will repay you with effortless daily outfits that will keep your confidence levels where they should be – super high!

Once you have identified ‘your style’ shopping for it becomes so much easier because you actually know what you’re shopping for.


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