As seen in issue #14 apr/may 2014 –


Who? Jacquie & Gemma

What they do!

The girls provide an edit of available active wear and swimwear that not only looks and feels good, it’s affordable!

With product sourced primarily in Australia, but with a few must-have items from overseas, price point has become the girl’s mission and factor that separates them from the rest of the gym wear pack.

“We believe good gym wear, and I mean high quality, feminine and modern gym wear, should be accessible by everyone. Gemma and I are strong advocates for wellbeing and living actively, we want women to have options and always look forward to slipping on their workout wear.”- Jacquie.

The Love Movement idea was discovered like many other, all it took was a cup of coffee between two very passionate friends. Gemma & Jacquie had a common obsession with workout wear and were true devotees to the label rolling off the tongue’s of many girls serious about fitness at the time, Lorna Jane. The market for affordability for all, however, remained untapped, so the girls committed to the Love Movement project and decided as a team they would fill the void.

“As both Gemma and I were passionate about fitness, and it was a strong part of our lifestyle, we knew what was currently on the market when it came to fitness fashion. We saw a huge gap in accessibility when it came to looking good and also finding high quality garments at affordable prices. We wanted to see more colour, and more importantly femininity in fitness fashion. It just wasn’t there! So as women do, we decided to do it ourselves.” – Jacquie.

Down the track the duo have plans to team with local fitness groups and gyms to provide discounted rates to members. The idea is to join and support the community as a local business, whilst having the convenience of online availability.

Find Love Movement!


                                          Facebook: /lovemovementactivewear


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