Will you run with the pack this Friday night?


This Friday the 4th of April 2014 Wolf Pack Fitness will light the night as a tribute to those struggling in their darkest hour. Hundreds of local fitness folk are set to gather at Wanda, with torch in hand, ready to drill it out in a 90 minute Wolf Pack workout session. The goal is to not only raise much needed funds for the local Youth Mental Health Centre, Headspace, it is to show each and every person out there that even in their darkest moments they are never alone.

Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation funded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia. Their purpose is to provide health advice, support and information to 12-25 year olds experiencing tough times. Although Headspace is funded by a government body, centres rely on support from the community to deliver additional programs that assist in a range of services including; education, employment and counselling for drug and alcohol abuse.

Headspace recently opened their doors in Miranda and have attracted the interest of Wolf Pack Fitness through a member of the outdoor training group and also due to a personal experience by co-owner [of Wolf Pack Fitness] Simon.

Many years ago Simon lost a mate to suicide and is still confused as to what went wrong. Sadly, in the case of suicide, family and friends are left in shock with the all too common occurrence of ‘never seeing it coming’. Along with the community connection to the local Headspace office, Simon is a strong advocate for bringing awareness to mental health issues and hopes it will be something more openly discussed now and in the future.

 The EVENT!!!

This Friday night the 4th of April 2014 at 6.45pm a collective of community fitness folk will gather at Wanda for a 90 minute training session with the Wolf Pack crew. Open to all fitness levels, it is set to be an ALL IN, fun, sweaty and unstoppable session for all that sign up. Participants will receive an official Wolf Pack Fitness singlet and will be put through their paces as the program is switched up every 10 minutes over 4 stations. Simon guarantees the fun factor for all, with groups divided from walkers right through to the freakishly fit!

Get your tickets!!

Head in store to Dutchee Dutchee on Surf Road Cronulla to purchase your $35 ticket for entry or contact Simon and Joel through the website listed below. Funds raised for the ‘Light The Night’ event will go directly to Headspace, located in Miranda, to assist young people in getting their life back on track.

Joel & Simon from Wolf Pack Fitness have a bucket list goal of 500 participants at this year’s event.

Will your torch light the night this Friday?





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