Saturday Night Moroccan & Middle Eastern Feast…

Saturday Night Moroccan Feast & Middle Eastern Feast...

When regular I AM contributor Kylie Green isn’t handing her passport over for entry to some exotic location she found on google, she’s dragging her friends to the latest dining venue in Cronulla mall personally labelled as the ‘place to eat’. She hasn’t got it wrong yet, and she definitely didn’t last night when 6 of us excitedly sat around a pavement table at Yalla Sawa.

Yalla Sawa is located in Beach Park Arcade Cronulla and offers an authentic Arabian experience with food, wine – and a unique selection of Lebanese beer – with an atmosphere successfully reflecting the vibe intended by the owner… it’s a “come together” venue, and a great place to experience something new with old friends.

On a quick glance of the menu I was comforted by how full, and thankfully ‘paleo’ friendly, the choices were. The chosen dishes were presented with an aesthetically pleasing first appearance, the first thing I noticed was the richness of colour. The taste was exotic and frankly mouth watering. The simplicity of the dishes absolutely thrilled my ‘paleo preferred’ tummy while I indulged in the freshness of every bite.

This restaurant sits steady at the top of the ‘I AM’ personal favourites list.

Yalla Sawa Beach Park Arcade Cronulla NSW Aust 2230


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