I AM MAGAZINE issue 12.1 Xmas Edition 2013 – IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM MAGAZINE issue 12.1 Xmas Edition 2013 - IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we are LIVE!
The Xmas edition turned out to be a little bigger than we expected.
It’s packed with inspirational stories about the ah-mazing people livin-it-up in the Sutherland Shire.
Welcome to the I AM MAGAZINE XMAS EDITION for 2013.

Welcome to the I AM Xmas Edition!
Yes, that word has come round again, and even faster than last time. On the release of this issue, Christmas will be a measly 19 sleeps away, and the year of 2013 will come to an official close.
I find the end of the year an interesting season, in that, it is almost a bitter sweet event. In adulthood we are excited to know that we will be receiving a little leave from work, which means extra time with family, rest and relaxation, or party central. It is also a time of the year where we may be met with the realisation that we did not achieve everything we’d hoped we would, in 2013. I think, as we get older, we set the stakes higher, providing somewhat impossible ‘to do’ lists. The feeling of not accomplishing everything you set out to do can leave you deflated, desperate and disappointed.
This is the moment when the question must be asked; “What did you do?”
We are so quick to identify our failures, the things not achieved, our unsuccessful
moments. Can 2013 be the year that you start to identify the things you did achieve?
This philosophy has been a strong factor in the development of the Xmas issue you are about to read. We are bombarded daily with news of what is wrong with the world. As a Xmas gift to you, and ourselves, we have dedicated this issue to what is right. And, it’s all happening under our noses, in the Sutherland Shire community.
So, in reflection when the clock chimes midnight NYE, remind yourself of all the wonderful experiences you were given in 2013.
My message for 2014: Be kind when writing your ‘to do’ lists, you are a beautiful
human ‘being’, not a human ‘doing’. Stay Present, People. Sam xo


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