My motto; “Want change? Get Involved!”

Some of you already know that I AM devoted to Human Rights.
Therefore, it was only fitting that I join the local St George & Sutherland Shire Amnesty Group, some time in 2012. What I found when I joined the group, was a community within a community, defending people in need all over the world. If you lack excitement in your life … I recommend you find a group that actively takes a look at what’s wrong with the world and joins the fight to make it right.
I should note though, that we do not use the word ‘fight’ to define what we do. We are essentially peace keepers & peace makers. We bring awareness to issues that some people – particularly the one’s in power – might not want you to know about.
I also have a philosophy about life that is defined by how you feel about yourself, which I guess drives me to find groups like Amnesty. I believe the following statement is what I have found out about myself…
I believe; “if you want to feel great about yourself, get involved in something greater than yourself!”

In short, this is what our group got up to in 2013…

Held 10 meetings, with generally around 15 attendees at each meeting. (which is a step up from 3 attendees in the Air League hall)
– Organised / participated in around 21 events
– Signed countless petitions and wrote around 500 letters for Individuals at Risk
– Had over 200 attendees raise $4000 for Project Futures at our screening of Half the Sky
– Raised $9000 for the materials for 3000 Birthing Kits
– Celebrated the release of Nasrin Sotoudeh
– Met with Immigration Minister and Cook MP, Scott Morrison
– Have 397 people on our email list
– Have grown from 150 likes on Facebook (March 4) to 379 (today)
– Have 284 followers on Twitter and a large readership on our Blog.

Now, this may not sound like much to you, but, if you have had the experience of assembling a small kit that could possibly save the life of a child and mother in a developing country, written letters to people in power calling for the release of an innocent mother of two from one of the most torturous prison’s in Iran to see her walk free month’s later, or sat in a room with 50+ First Worlder’s who have no clue what’s happening to human beings in other countries breathe a sigh of sadness, followed by the inspiration to do something about it…well, then you’ll know how I feel about my time with Amnesty and what reward it provides.

I urge you to GET INVOLVED!


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