Did you read ‘FASHION – THE REAL VICTIM’ in I AM magazine #eleven???

Did you read 'FASHION - THE REAL VICTIM' in I AM magazine #eleven???

As we bunker down against the chills of winter and snuggle into a comfy hoody and trackies, it’s easy to drift off into thoughts of summer; shorts & thongs, maybe a beach dress thrown over a bikini as the sun smiles down.

These days all of our favourite essentials are available cheaply from retailers, so it’s possible to mix and match, colours & cuts, making sure we have the right look for every occasion.
Price, fashion, versatility…

So what’s on your mind then, as you step out on a shopping trip, ready to rejuvenate your wardrobe for the upcoming season?

The proliferation of retail options, both online and in the good old bricks’n’mortar stores, ensures there is something for everyone and we can all afford it.

But have you ever shopped with your eye on the ethics of your purchase?

On the 24th of April this year the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed killing more than one thousand people. Most of the dead were garment workers and their children in nursery facilities in the building.

Garment workers were in the building because they could not afford to miss a day’s work, even though there had been warnings that the building suffered structural faults.

The tragic collapse highlighted the working conditions of Bangladeshi garment workers as well as drawing general attention to the supply chain and garment sourcing practices of many major retailers worldwide. The situation of many garment workers throughout the world is that they work in crowded conditions and are paid so little that ultimately their health or even their lives are at risk. >>


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