When Charity crossed South of the Border.

When Charity crossed South of the Border.

My savvy fashionable self was out-of-this-world excited to direct the ‘I AM’ issue eleven fashion spread, ‘when Charity crossed South of the Border’. The production was 100% true to my personal style fundamentals. Mixing thrift items with store bought or designer priced garments is what I do best.
I am aware of the lengths our planet has to go to in order to meet the demands of the fashion first world, season in – season out. My choice to buy 99% preloved is a decision that comes from the love I have for our world.
Of course I understand the average modern girl does not simply always want to wear other people’s clothes, but choosing to halve your ‘buy new’ purchasing habit is an enormous kiss to the universe.
Preloved fashion has many bonuses. Firstly, it is seriously affordable. Second, you can get amazing labels that would have once cost more than what you make in a day, for less than $10 on any given day.
Denim is one of my favourite things to thrift. The high end labels are great and super cheap and as another human being has worn them in for a year, they are the perfect fit and style. You will also find many once hopeful boxing day sale denims still residing with new tags, waiting for your small change and internal high five. And, that is yet another amazing thrill thrift shopping gives you, an endless supply of internal high fives. When you are a serious fashion addict, It is beyond exciting to score bargain after bargain, all for a little dig through a box of preloved.
The money you save by shopping thrift can be either; put towards your ideal future, existing pre-shopaholic debt, an overseas adventure or … a seriously amazing straight off the catwalk designer piece to accompany your thrift wardrobe.
This is your opportunity to streamline your style. Make a decision on what suits you and your budget, and live like the savvy chic you were always destined to be.
If all of the above hasn’t convinced you to consider this new shopping mantra, consider this; every fashion item you purchase from a chain and/or department store gifts the planet with about 20 garbage bags full of planet destroying toxins. Not to mention, the atrocious state of the garment industry in manufacturing capitals such as Bangladesh [see Andrew Pople’s article in issue eleven] due to the high demand for on trend items by first world countries.
How much is your wardrobe really worth??? Do yourself a favour, take control of your style and starting digging preloved…your bank account & the planet will LOVE you for it too.
Don’t forget to check out the latest issue of I AM magazine #eleven Winter 2013.


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