And we are LIVE!!! I AM #eleven is now ready for you!

And we are LIVE!!! I AM #eleven is now ready for you!

In July 2011 the very first ‘I AM’ magazine was launched.

Months in the making, it was a collaboration between local photographers, writers and just plain crazy, passionate people. It was, even in the beginning, a ‘people project’.

I guess I created ‘I AM’ for many reasons. But mostly it was
because it identified with my present experience of life. I was
receiving an awareness about my life journey, identifying cycles and discovering patterns. I was questioning how I was going to find my ‘ultimate happiness’.

As much as society would like to convince us that money—and lots of it—will bring profound joy and wholeness to our life, at the age of 30 I knew from experience this was b*lls**t! It is very comforting to have enough money—plus more—to, at a bare minimum, pay all your bills, but did I know from my past journey whether or not it brought happiness? Yes! And the answer is NO!!! [intense capslock and multiple exclamation point worthy]

During my ‘I AM’ shift I received a buzzing energy that can only be described as the pre-feeling you get when something truly awesome is about to happen. What did I do with this feeling? I started to write, document as much as I could and read everything I could get my hands on. But most of all, I made the
conscious decision to start experiencing life. I found people from all walks of life and varied professions and passions. I wanted to know who they were. I wasn’t interested in the portrait society had painted of them, I wanted to hit them with ’the question’ and swim in their response. I asked them, “If I were to take every material possession, relationship and occupational status you have away…who would you be? What is your ’I AM’?”

Trust me, it’s a tough question. But, the question alone encouraged them to consider it and an explosion of untouched possibility erupted—most times.

Am I there yet? Hell, no! But the more I experiment, adventure and explore the ‘I AM’ idea, the more joyful and peaceful my life becomes. And what I found to be the most effective thing about discovering your ‘I AM’ – which I believe leads to complete wholehearted joy– is simply considering the question.



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