What OSHO taught me……..

What OSHO taught me........

It was beautiful, beachside Cronulla today. Some days I wake up with great intention of getting a few jobs ticked off my to-do-list. It’s a bad life practise – yes, but some day’s things just need to get done. This morning was destined with full intention to tick, tick, tick, however, upon waking I decided to give myself a much needed break and take what the day was offering – Sunshine & a good excuse to grab a book and sprawl out on Cronulla Beach.
The book in tow – Destiny, Freedom & the Soul OSHO Life Essentials.
When life is getting a little too full of questions whispering endlessly throughout the corridors of my mind, I know it’s time to turn to one of my dear friends for guidance. On this occasion it was OSHO. Haven’t heard of OSHO? That’s okay, here’s the short story. OSHO [now deceased] is an inspiring spiritual teacher who brings light to how & why society vibrates like it does in present day. He encourages people to let go of perceived knowledge and labels such as; good & bad, right & wrong. He asks that you consider starting your life at any moment fresh and free….. All it takes is curiosity and courage to challenge what you have been taught from birth about LIVING, dying and everything in-between.
My thoughts.
What if everything we have been told about how we should exist is nothing but a Chinese whisper? Can you imagine the possibility of a secret garden growing, blooming, waiting within you, within your being, unexplored because we have been encouraged by our educator’s [this includes head’s of religion, teachers, parents, guardians, people in power and authorities] not to enter, it’s existence has almost been erased through childhood. There is a movement occurring all over the world, it is consuming the world, and filling the pockets of those who evoke it [the money hungry]…. It is the carbon copy industry. It is the people with power convincing us we must act, look, work, live a certain ‘acceptable’ way. This ‘acceptable’ way is benefiting only particular people – the powerful – and we are left wondering why we cannot find joy like the commercials, movies, celebrities portray. We do and have done what we were told, we’ve avoided making bad decisions or doing things ‘wrong’; yet, we did not find happiness….maybe it’s time to reconsider the “knowledge” that has been passed down and start discovering the secret garden that lies within.
I AM recommends http://www.osho.com for more spiritual teachings on LOVE, joy, freedom & life.


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